Relationship That Will Last Forever

Everlasting love…


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love is one of our deepest needs that in order to live a happy life needs to be fulfilled. Here’s the problem – you can’t control other people falling in love with you. It’s mostly a mix of putting yourself put there and meeting the right people, a little bit of luck with a possibility to increase its chances when by doing the right things. It’s by no means possible to make any person love you.

However, the kind of love that you can control does exist. It’s developed with an ability to be yourself the person that you could love at any given moment.


I’m sure we’re familiar with the concept of feeling amazing at one point and then like the whole world is working against you the next day. I’ll give you an analogue. At one moment you belive that you’re fat. Few hours later you have a peak at the mirror and see that you look totally fine. Has something in your physique changed in the past hour or two? No. You’re just looking at yourself from a different perspective. It’s the result of being in the right kind of environment. The people we spend time with and the situations we live through shape our minds. So in just few hours you’ve changed your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. In this case it happened by chance. What if you could apply this method willingly to all your endeavours? Wouldn’t we all be happier?


Many of us would use this method unhealthy way as an excuse to not better themselves. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not the right way to go, because in this case the happiness will not last for long. We might be happy with your shortcomings for a while, but at some point we will want more. If we want to experience real love in a much stronger form and for a much longer period of time, let’s say for a lifetime, then bettering our health, having a vision to work for and becoming wealthier so you could finance yourself to live in a better quality will be our best option.

A truly smart person will want to live better than he does right now and will always love the person who he is right now. It’s about finding the perfect balance between the present and the future.


If we begin to love ourselves and lose the need for validation of getting love from others, only then we can allow us to fully experience the people around us and see what they have to offer, because we stopped wasting time on worrying about our side of social presentation. If we love ourselves, then we don’t make compromises nor stay in relationships with people, who make us feel not valued nor important.

Be in a relationship with yourself.

Respect yourself.

The only true relationship that lasts for a lifetime is with yourself.

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