How To Commit To Your Fantastic Idea

Ask yourself this:

Do you have an idea or do you have a follow-up commitment to an idea?

Ideas are just ideas. It’s not even half the battle as some people like to say. Having an idea is just a seed, which will grow into the game board on which we can start estimating actions by using percentages. It’s like you’ve decided to lose weight. At the moment it’s an idea. You just created the battleground and the real battle is just about to begin. Idea is equal to just going through the front door. Your actions on the battleground will determine whether you’re successful or not. Having an idea aka the battleground is quite elementary for most of us, because deep down all of us know what we must do. When it comes to personal development, I could be asking the question “What do you think you should do?” as an answer for your question and most of the times you would have the answer. You just lack of personal authority and you’re waiting for someone else to tell you the same answer. The answer, whatever it will be, is also equal to the concept of idea. It’s just the start, because now you know the way you must take. It’s the commitment part that’s hard.




Some of us are so incredible with our way of thinking, but we are not in action. If they produced an idea, it would be just stepping in like it was explained in the last section. It’s never enough to have an idea. It’s not enough to even have an idea and step in action. It’s enough when you have an idea, step into the battlefield and stay there untill your side wins.

If you are battling, but have not won yet, then it’s obviously not enough. If your goal is to lose sixty pounds and you’ve lost 57 already, then it’s not enough. The job that you set out to do is not done unless you have found an acceptable reason to not continue. Let me tell you which one is by any means not acceptable. Saying “good enough.” It has to be great untill you’re completely satisfied with your actions and have no regrets. Only then we will develop the power in our mind to do what’s necessary in order to win. Remember, it’s not the guy who fails that’s a loser. A loser is that guy who gave up.


In the movie “Up” Carl had a plan to travel to paradise falls with his wife, but they never reached their goal because of the lack of commitment.

The universe sends all sorts of things on our way when we say: “Hey! I just had a great idea!” The universe goes: “Oh really?” It will send you fear, it will send you pain, doubt, uncertainty. It’s going to send you so many reasons to quit just to see how committed you are.

Idea is just a start. Commitment is the ability to get hit by all kind of bullshit and still come out on top.


“Time weeds out all the imposters. Time will show us who’s truly committed and who’s just in it because it’s a good idea.” – Alexi Panos

Almost anyone can come up with an idea. Almost no-one can commit to it.

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