You Vs Bullies

There’s not a day that goes by without having flashbacks from my previous encounters with bullies during highschool … hence why I wrote about this topic. Will be a fun ride, so hang on tight! 😉

As a severe victom of bullying in my youth,

Let me tell you a fact that’s hard to swallow, but essential to understanding the topic I’m about to explain.

It’s YOUR own fault, when people disrespect you. Nobody else it to be blamed for your not being strong enough. School kids for an example are not being bullied due to having a big nose or wearing the so-called „lame“ shirts. These factors act as a trigger, nothing else. The person being bullied is just an easy target, nothing more. Self defence is not on their strong side. By this I don’t mean the physical ability to beat someone up. It’s about being mentally strong and not letting others push you around for no good reason. Hell, even if they have a „justified“ reason for it, you should still fuck them??? up with the ability of being rock solid. This is not just about high school, it’s about life in general. Bullies are something we’ll all face at some point in our lives either mentally or physically, whether we’re old or young, strong or weak. They are literally everywhere. In school we have bullies, but in adult life one tolerates criticism or even more simply put – people walking over you.


I want you to really think about the things that are going to happen when someone is giving you that kind of pressure. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It feels like we are losing our influence and others are putting us under their feet. Especially, when they talk terrible things about us. These  situations make us feel like we are less than everyone else. But think for a moment – what did they really do? Let’s use the high school bullying for an example. The bully just said something about you, that’s most likely not even true. And if others are believing him, then why? Are they socially on a higher place than you? Maybe. Is their social credit better? Maybe so. This is not even the factor that’s relevant. Despite the credibility of the information shared about you, the bullies did something very simple. They were not afraid to express themselves. Even if it came from a lonely, sad, negative mindset, they still did something that affected you in a negative way. They got a reaction from you. That’s what we can learn from this situation. That bully who started calling you with different and offensive names in school, what did he really do? I can tell you that he did something particular, that was really powerful. It’s not the matter of being correct, fact wise. It’s about doing the deed. As you can probably understand already, there is tremendous power in just going for something without having a highly functional brain to back it up. You’re not a trash nor stupid like they might have said in high school.


The things that the bullies say are most of the time not even fucking true! Despite this, that’s what the bully said and others had to go along with it, because they simply wanted to save themselves from being put on the spotlight just like you were. They all know that the things some kid calls you are not true. It’s just a matter of self-defence, being socially accepted. The guy who’s the leader of this pack is the guy that just had the guts to start. In other words, he took action when others didn’t and in this situation, the reason, why he did it,  didn’t matter. Actions speak loud.

When we grow up, then the bullies do not just disappear. They will come back, just in a different form. That’s called criticism. If you’re wondering, whether they have power over you and the situation, then just ask yourself – do they? It’s really that simple. If they are affecting you, then they obviously are influencing you and if not, well then you are good. It all comes down to being confident in yourself.

This is the lesson we can learn from bullies. Your dream might not be that realistic or your ideas might not be as correct as they could be fact wise, but in spreading them and going for your goals and TAKING ACTION holds a great power. Most of the people, who are financially in a great place, who drive Ferrari’s and Porsche’s, are not some geniuses. They just understand, how to get things done, which gives them incredible power over those who are mediocre.

Believe me, night is the darkest just before the dawn. It will get worse before it gets better.


The Karate Kid is a perfect movie to demonstrate how bullying can be extremely beneficial. In this case, growing stronger both mentally and psychically and exchanging our negative habits for positive ones.

„8 Mile“ is a movie about this rapper called „B-Rabbit’s“ life story played by Eminem, which shows how tough it is to make it in this world when your every move is being judged and your dreams discouraged. It’s important to belive in yourself. This is the only thing you can control for sure.

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