Stuff Women Say… (Allow Me To Translate)

After years of trial and error…LOTS and LOTS of trial and error…


Let me translate some common sentences for ya into a language that will make you understand women a bit better:


I’ve been busy.” – She has not been interested enough to text or meet up with you.

There has been a shitload of things to do lately.” – She’s probably been genuinely busy, yet you haven’t been special enough to her for her to think about you. Most likely.

I have a boyfriend.” – She’s letting you know that there’s an obstacle without ruling out the possibility of having sex with you, hence why she’s still texting or talking to you.

I’m not into you.” – She’s either testing your mental strength as a man and your ability to stay sure in yourself, or she’s telling you that the type of approach that you’ve used has not worked on her yet, or a least for a very long time. Possibly a mixture of both.

You’re funny.” – You’ve got 50% of requirements down, now she just needs to see if you got what it takes as a superior man. 50% fun + 50% confidence. Play around with these numbers.

I like you, but…” – You’re okay as a friend, but have not shown masculine interest enough to be her lover.

I reeeaalllly like you, but…” – Same deal, but she’s probably already able to have sex with you and is just presenting a certain problem which you need to solve before penetrating her. Keep in mind that solving a problem is usually just verbal, you don’t need to go and actually kill her husband or anything. Go on to her with a bit more persuasion and certainty in your act, and you’ll break through.

I don’t want to see you every again!” – Now this can go both ways. She either does not want to see you again, or she’s just proving a test which you need to pass. A simple way to find out is to always assume that the girl wants to have sex with you more than you want to have sex with her. If she keeps resisting and you can feel this sense of defection, then pull the fuck back and move on to another girl. If you happen to be a normal human being without autism or anything such as that, then just trust your gut and you’ll be fine.

I love you.” – She’s throwing herself at you, hoping that you accept. If you do so against your own will and be on some kind of a mercy mission, she’ll know. If you do so because you also feel the same way about her, she’ll know.

I wish we could be friends.” – You have what it takes to be her lover, but there’s something negative about you and her being together. Maybe you have great sex but are not able to get along. Maybe she’s looking for someone else, yet your persistence and masculine energy is too strong for her to say no. Maybe she’s not ready to have sex with you and you’re not accepting her as just a friend.

He’s so mean.” – She likes you and you’re giving her a hard time that she secretly enjoys. Let loose a bit, yet do not compromise your identity as far as she knows it.

“I wish he would just go away.” – Go away.

“I wish he would just die.” – She’s into you and hates it.

“Even your mom has not more balls than you.” – She’s trying to provoke you. You’re being too soft.

“Why doesn’t he just leave me be?” – She’s annoyed about your clingyness, yet on some level she enjoys it. Your chances of getting laid are low, yet they’re still there.


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