A Ferrari In Traffic Ain’t Faster Than a Prius

„The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be often lonely, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.“  – F. Nietzsche


Following the masses seems to be our trend, like it has been for decades. In every story there is a leader and the people, who follow him or her (gender equality). Joan d’Arc, Caesar, Napoleon, Gandhi. They all were leaders. Even tho Ghandi would probably not prefers that word and approve some other one such as a guide or a teacher, but in our definition, he was a leader. Who is exactly a leader? Someone, who influences other people to follow his or her own will. A leader can use his power for either – to destroy or to create. Sometimes, in order to create, you’ll have to destroy.




It’s essential to follow your own path in order to be remembered. You don’t need to be the first one who creates it. You just have to choose it because you want it, not because it’s a smart thing to do or it’s a safe thing to do. All comes down to your own will. Don’t do something because everyone else are doing it. In that case you will be just another face in the crowd full of millions, if not billions. If you choose a road because you like it more than any other option, then you will have that spark in your eyes that stands out even if there are many others who took the same path. They probably had something else in mind, but chose the same road as you out of fear, just like you would have done. Bottom line – you will be special amongst them. Was Michael Jordan the first basketball player? No. But he is the most famous one because he knew it’s right for him to follow this path. Once you know what you like, you’ll want do be good in it. That’s a given. And once you’re good at it, you’ll want more. That’s called ambition. Creed in our nature. And that’s always heathy as long as you don’t get the overdose. Overdose can achieve a lot, but it comes from the cost of other factors that you’ll need for happiness.

If you want to follow the masses, then alright. It’s called being mediocre. I don’t think you want to be mediocre since you already picked up this book. Mediocrity does not give you happiness, so you’ll need to find it through stimulations like food, drinks, activities that other people who have followed their path have created for you to consume. There is a huge difference in being alive and living. One guy does what he’s told and believes that life is happening to him. Other guy tells himself what to do and believes that life is happening for him. It’s simply a choise. You can be a follower or the creator.


Steve Jobs did not go with the flow like everyone around him. He knew what he was supposed to do. He did not let others change him nor bring him down. He did not sacrifice his ideas to be more likeable, no. He was sure of himself, confident. Steve Jobs was rock solid. This is the reason he is so big amongst aspiring students.


There is literally no difference between a guy who has tremendous potential and someone who has nothing to offer to anyone, if they both get stuck in traffic. You might be a mathematical genius, the best baseball player or the fastest racecar driver in the world. It does not matter at all as long as you’re doing the same stuff everyone else are doing. You can’t get far by being just smart, but not doing much. You can get far if you’re average AND you take action towards achieving something important to you. Being smart is just a bonus.

Take this movie „Wolf of Wall Street“ for an example. Most of the guys there are pretty much average. They are not much smarter than everyone else, they are not taking care of their health, they can’t even be happy without stimulating themselves with drugs. So why are they so much richer and more successful than the average guy? Because they took action. They saw an opportunity and they took it. In reality, you don’t even need to see an opportunity. The fact that you’re thinking about taking action is enough of opportunity already. All it takes is just an idea. Any idea. You see, the idea can be extremely awesome that can change the world more than anything else has ever done. But it will still remain an idea unless there is a guy who is willing to take action. The bold ones will get the spoils.


If you’re following the same old beaten down path like everyone else – get a job, don’t try too hard or you will fail and get hurt, raise a family and die peacefully, then something in your life needs to change. This kind of thinking will not grant you any success in life. Hell, you wont even be happy. The right path is to be innovating, spontaneous, sharp, confident in your own skills, eager to learn. A Ferrari (someone with a sharp mind and with high potential to change the world) in traffic (being mediocre and not following your dreams) is not faster than a Prius (someone who is average and will never be remembered). Any person could be a

Ferrari, but if you get stuck in the same circle of life that most of us in the planet follow, then your skills nor your potential does not matter. We are defined by our actions, not our words and it’s the thoughts that shape our actions. Words, visions, dreams are a preview of your life’s coming events. You just need to take action, think large and have your own opinions and ideas, and then act accordingly to them.

Jordan Belfort, the main character in Wolf of Wall Street, was always pumping up his crew, motivating them, keeping the energy high. He was a man of many words and promises and he always backed them up with actions.

Jordan’s right hand man, Donnie, had great potential to be a successful businessman, but he had probably never even believed in himself if he had not met Jordan. Jordan showed to Donnie that being a Ferrari is actually possible even for a guy like Donnie. As you see, success is easily learnable.

How To Learn Effectively?

There is a huge difference between just remembering and actually understanding the text. Both are easily confused and in our society, both have also the same definition – learning. If you’re only remembering the lines that you’ve read, then you will not understand the concept. The energy goes into placing the letters into words and words into right order to form a sentence. This way you’ll miss the whole message of the text, you’ll fail to make progress and will not even remember the sentence that you mindlessly studied for more than a day at the most.

A successful learner is someone who understands the meaning of the text and why those specific words were used. He does not remember the exact line that stands somewhere in the book because he is able to form his own sentence with the same definition, because he understands the subject. Not for just that one test, but for a long period of time, because when you realize what the concept is about, then you’ll remember it without much effort. This is something I really wish they would teach us about in school. All those kids who just studied the whole book like it was a presentation of a poem. Just a few days later, none of them even remember the topics they had read about anymore. All that energy spent just to get by, not to understand. Learning by trying to understand will also make it to be fun and much more meaningful. There is also a high chance that you’ll remember it into an old age.

The key is to not try to memorise, but to understand. Do not focus on the text, focus on the message.


It’s also extremely important to realize, that we’re always studying for ourselves, not for anybody else. This is a mistake made by kids with parents who try to relive their own missed opportunities and success through their kids. This pattern can haunt us for decades and will show through occurrences like doing the work for your boss, for your pay or working as an accountant just because it was your mother’s wish. This is like a disease, not doing the work for yourself, but for somebody else. It’s all about the place where the deed coming from. We should always do things for us no matter the circumstances.  Help others because we want to, not because we need to. Make money because we want nice things, not because we need nice things.

Wise people have always said that you’ll learn the most from your own mistakes. If you take the message of this sentence directily, then it will seem like you don’t need this book. In fact, by following this principle of trying everything on your own and learning through trial and error, you don’t even need any book. Just go out, do the things you must do and you’ll learn in the process. It’s funny because there is actually a lot of truth in this. Altho, this is not the most optimal advice to take. The point of this saying is to learn by trial and error, do the things yourself, fail, learn from it and then get back out there. But if you gather up as much knowledge as you can, then you will not fail in most of cases where others have and save yourself quite a lot of time. Let’s say someone is learning how to cook. Instead of trying all the combinations of the ingredients to figure out what goes into a cake, it’s a lot wiser to just check the recipe first and go on from here. Sure, after countless of failures you would probably figure out eventually how much sugar to use and on which temperature to cook the stuff on, but it would take you dreadfully long time that could have been used on learned other recipes. The other end of the spectrum would be to memorize the recipe and know everything about making cakes, but never actually baking anything for whatever reason, like the fear of screwing it up. In this case it would be wasted energy for something that does not actually benefit you because you’re not using the information. Since you’ve never tried it, then this knowledge would also not stick to your mental library for long, so you would need to learn it again the next time you’re facing the same situation. Basically it can be compared to pouring water into a jug with a hole in it.


By using this simple example it’s easy to see, how extremely important to find the balance between learning from other people who have been there before you and taking action, going out there yourself, seeing if stuff really works that way as the book says. For an example if you have a dream of becoming a gym owner, take some time to read about fitness, the requirements and tips on building a business and then move on to the next step that most of us fail to take – taking action. A person who just reads about others having success, might know a lot and have tremendous theoretical knowledge, but no experience. Someone, who does not take any time to do research, will achieve much higher level than the person from the first example, but will experience an extreme amount of pain and time loss associated with failure with simple things, because he did not to take some time and learn the basic rules. If you fail in taking time to learn about something you need the first time, you’ll spend much more later on for delaying it. There is no way to skip your way to success. So as you’ve already figured out by now, in order to be successful, you’ll need both abilities – theory and practise. The perfect balance.

„What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.“ – Alfred Mercier

Understanding the text will create pleasure by itself.

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