The Truth About The Dating Industry And Why It’s The Best Way To Invest In Yourself

Here’s the thing…

I’ve been in the pickup game for quite some time now. Years. Since I’m a well-known member of the dating industry, I feel like I should clarify some things. This is what I’ve figured out during my time of learning laws of sexual attraction between men and women:

A lot of people consider pickup, seduction or just „game“ in general to be something players do to sleep with as many women possible just because they like sex, or they want to have revenge on some girl who dumped them or didn’t go on a date with them in the past. The terms “game” and “pick-up” are tremendously underestimated. Although this is usually the reason guys get into this, it’s not however why most of them stick to this path of living. There are two sides of this of course, dark and light, but only the ones who are doing it out of love have the capability to really benefit from it.


How? Game(life of constantly picking up women) changes people. It changes their values and their perception of life. It makes men realize their life calling and gives them the life they’ve always wanted to have. And I’m not just talking about getting lots of sex with different girls or being labeled as a player and „the cool guy“ in their social circle. Game makes people find the road to happiness and create the strongest version of themselves both mentally and physically without any unnatural substances what so ever. From my point of view, it’s more effective than any drug, food, drink or any other consumable object in the world.

The society has labeled “pick-up artists” and the idea of sleeping with many different women as something evil. Hide your wives, hide your kids, the dark wizard is coming! Do you see where this idea is coming from? Put yourself into the person’s mind who’s saying it. Where is it coming from?


People who say that are literally afraid of it because they don’t understand it. If you’re one of those people, then of course you should be scared of it, since all you see is some cool pick-up guys coming and taking away your beloved wives. Simply put — people who demonize pick-up are blind because of their own arrogance and laziness. In this case, blindness is exactly the same thing as being really damn stupid.

Any person that’s truly confident has no problem with pick-up artists or any other type of people. And that person is one of the most attractive people on our planet. See the connection here? Educate your social side by going out, talking to the opposite sex, figuring out what their sticking points are and what triggers attraction in them. By doing this you will unlock in my mind the most powerful tool you could ever possess — the universal truths of what attraction really is. Once you have a clear sense of understanding on attraction, you can do literally anything. You will know how the world works and what it takes to achieve any level you desire.

But why would our society make us believe such lies about the dating industry? Simple. No society or country wants you to be that smart. The biggest proportion of our population is working on 9 to 5 jobs and live for the weekends and holidays. If there were a shift in media and everyone would start telling the truth, then what would happen? More and more people would start to become smarter every single day. In the end there would not be enough labor force to keep the industries and companies on float. Dumb people are needed, because they do the things a smart person would never even dream of doing.


Am I saying that the government controls every opinion the media has? No, just some parts of it. That’s because they do not need to control the full picture. The stupidity of us, humans takes care of this by itself. Most of the people in high places know the media is wrong, however they do not try to change it. Why? This is where my concept comes into play. By interrupting they would be just damaging themselves. More people quitting their jobs to become an entrepreneur, workers putting their needs above the companies…the world would not function like this if everybody were that smart.

This is why the game is so life changing. It shows us what’s truly possible in life and that the limits are far beyond than where we expect them to be. The Game teaches us to live a fulfilling life by having positive effect on LOTS of people and becoming the best version of ourselves in the process. The Game teaches us to be free and do whatever the fuck we want to do. Funny enough, the things a guy wants to do after learing game are always about self-development such as taking care of his health, making more money, having a positive impact on the world and so on. It all starts with the desire to attract women and moves on to something that makes most of us legendary and some of us even remembered in history.

The mastery of self discovery…

Meaning that we finally understand what the right road is and starting to walk on it. Not the end result, it’s all about the process.

Now, this can easily be guided and demonstrated.

If you consider yourself to be an action taker and are ready to crush it but just don’t exactly know how just yet, be sure to pick up this book.


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