Covered With Bird Shit On My First Date (How To Still Make It Work)

I have to admit…

For a moment or two I was quite worried about how it’s going to pan out. I met this girl on Tinder and after sending few messages back and forth we decided to meet up and see each other in real life. I have to be honest – she was not quite what I expected her to be, yet she looked quite good and was really damn smart which turned out to be a total surprise, because I’m sure you’re aware the quality of girls that hang around in dating websites. If not, then I’ll explain the situation like this –

Not that amazing at all.


pizap (3).jpg


The thing about online dating is that you are able to find great girls as far as looks go and wonderful girls as far as personality goes, but you will never be able to meet someone who has those two things together. Really high value girls just don’t hang out at places such as online dating sites, since they have so much going on in their life and as a matter of fact – for the most part they’re swarmed by men. Sad, but true.

Anyway, this girl that I met was actually quite cool (I know, surprise right). We walked around the city, talked about all kinds of stuff and had a great time.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention!

Like in three minutes or so after we met up, I was covered in bird shit. Some may consider it to be luck, but in this case,..actually, the answer might surprise you. It was luck.


pizap (2).jpg


You see, the thing that attracts a girl the most is the guy’s ability to handle tough situations and not freak out over…well, pretty much anything. Look at James Bond for the sake of a fuck!


Besides, having something such as this happen gives you an amazing excuse for you two to go to your place, or even hers, depending on the logistical opportunities. If you know the ways of seduction, then getting a girl back to your place or to the “sex location”, as Mystery would say (sounds creepy I know), then sex is pretty much inevitable, if she’s already attracted to you. And if you did not freak out over some bird taking a shit on you, then you’ll be good to go.

Funny how you can make the best out of a shitty situation.



Now, these characteristics that make you get laid a lot can also be awakened in you, with the right guidance and practise. If you’re looking to take your dating life to a whole new level, and you consider yourself to be a badass student that values proper education, then do not miss this book.


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