How To Become A Real Life Pickup Artist

We’ve all seen those social experiment videos of guys that go up to girls and ask them to go out with them, often times even more. Girls in those videos, and I’m talking about those real videos where the girls are totally random strangers and are not being paid, are in the beginning of the interaction always a bit nervous and insecure of themselves, since it’s a new situation for them. They try to be nice and you can almost see in their eyes that they’re trying to be as pleasant as possible and not step on any toes. If the girl does not like the guy that just came up to introduce himself, she’ll almost always try to let him down nicely without hurting his feelings.

Then, there are those occurrences where the girl is really into him. The better the guy is at game, the better the reactions he’s going to get. It’s all about your level of skill and how much experience you’ve got with women, with social interactions and with life in general. This is also one of the reasons why girls tend to go for guys that are older than they are. Older guys are simply more secure of themselves, more self-established and have a wider grip on life. In other words – older men are usually more manly than the young guys.




Through practising picking up women one is able to achieve those high levels without having to actually so to say “make it” in life, without having to earn millions, becoming fit as fuck or grow older and more experienced. Through practising pickup one is able to achieve the level of a master in just the matter of few years, in some cases even much less.

(Pay close attention now!)

When you do have all those fancy things that society encourages you to have, then it’s easy to create an identity around your possessions. Say you have an expensive car which makes you come up with thoughts such as maybe I am worth more than other guys because I have this car and they don’t, therefore increasing your situational confidence and making girls like you more because of it. Or say you have slept with 100 women in one year, therefore feeling as if maybe I’m better than everybody else simply because women want to have sex with me instead of other guys, therefore I am more valuable and more awesome. Again, you have this identity created around your persona which brings you confidence.

At the end of the day what all of these different ways of achieving confidence really do is making you feel as if you’re capable of achieving great things. They make you feel as if you’re able to take on challenges and defeat them with ease, or how else you could have gotten that precious car or slept with 100 women in a year. It is all about realizing how powerful you really are. That’s what draws women into your life and is the most essential pillar in picking up women. And that power can come from anything, whether it’s running a marathon, losing those last 5 pounds that bother you, get those abs showing, kill it at a job interview no matter what kind of job it is…whatever grinds your gears. If you’re only impressed by doing big things, then lower your standards and give yourself props for much small accomplishments such as cleaning the dishes despite not feeling like it, going for a morning run despite not feeling up to it and so on. BY now you’ve already gotten my point.




How to become a pickup artist?

In order to become one, one has to re-create his identity and make the new one a really powerful one. The same stuff that I wrote about in the last section, about going for a run and such, pick something that’s meaningful for you and dominate it. In other words, sticking to something that’s meaningful to you, keeping your word in a sense.  Such action builds courage, confidence and the feeling of self-worth. Your confidence starts to base around your power and what you’re able to achieve if you put your mind to it. Hell, it can even be a fucking video game (speaking from experience).

Once you have confidence, you must learn at least a little bit about different techniques and social dynamics, which are really easy to learn if you’re up for it.

I have all of these topics covered on an extremely deep level in my book. If becoming a man in your prime is something that interests you, then this book is most definitely a must read. At least that’s what my last client said. Haha 🙂






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