The Ugly Truth About Online Dating That Nobody Tells You For Free

At first, online dating seems fun and easy. Okay, let’s be honest, you’re all into online dating because it seems to be the easiest method out there where you don’t have to take rejections personally, where you don’t have to man up and approach women and where you can have your looks, photography and photo shop skills come into play and do the work for you. Since in this blog we’re all honest here, this is the absolute truth why pretty much every single guy has considered online dating.




Now, the truth is that it can very well be just that, but as with every other thing, progress is required. The thing about progress is that it always takes time. You cannot expect roll in a dating site and start banging chicks from the first day on. Hell, for some of you it might not even work for an entire fucking year! That sure as hell happened to me. Maybe I’m just shit at it and don’t have the talent for it or maybe I was just lazy to study the thing properly. Who the fuck knows.


What I do know is that progress is required. First right off the bat, if you’re not able to get laid without tinder or any other dating app, then you’re not going to get laid with a dating app. That’s the truth.





The success of getting laid is about who you are as a person. If you’re unable to attract women in real life then how in the hell are you supposed to do this online? Sure, you can put up some nice pictures of your fake jets and villas and sports cars, but once you actually meet up with the girl, she won’t fuck you because your personality, the guy that you are is simply not fuckworthy. Money and looks are not even relevant here, personality and your essence of self-worth always comes first.

As for me, I started by taking a couple of mediocre pictures of myself and posting them on Tinder. Hell, I even posted them on some Facebook dating group that was filed with underage girls and the saddest bunch of guys you’ll ever meet. And my pictures did not even work since they were so damn mediocre.

Then, as my first idea did not work, I decided to get better pictures. I spent like the next 3 full days only taking pictures of myself doing various activities in various places, changing my clothes and everything. After I was done, I posted those new pictures on Tinder. And I got matches. But not many.

Why not many? Because my pictures still were shit due to my inexperience with how I’m being perceived by girls.




Few months went by. I had gone on a couple of dates from getting lucky on Tinder despite having no idea what to say to a girl. But, I did not get laid. Why? Because I did not have what it takes as a man. I was too damn insecure and anxious.

Another few months went by. I started to get laid a lot, but not from Tinder, but from club, bar and street approaches. Tinder game was still not working for me. Now that’s a bummer, eh?

I realized that I need to learn text game in order to get real dates with real quality women. And that, my friend, took me years to perfect. In fact, it’s still not perfect since nothing ever is, but it sure is damn fucking close to being perfect.


My point?

Progress takes time. You might have the best pictures in the world, yet the girl still won’t come out with you if your texts are weird-looking and plain out creepy. If your pictures are cool and exceptional, then the girl still needs some verbal stimulation before she agrees to meet up with you. This means you should know how much to text, when to text her and how the whole dynamics of it and behind the scenes psychology really works. You can’t expect to even learn this from an expensive program or a book. Yes, it can speed up your progress by quite a bit, but it will still take time since you need to understand the whole concept of it in your own head. No one is able to do it for you.

Eventually it all comes down to how fast you’ll learn. You simply cannot take someone else’s brain and substitute your own. It does not work like that.

At the end of the day if you’re a man and your idea is to optimize your tinder game and to get laid as much as possible, you cannot expect it to be easier than just going up to a girl on a street and making her have sex with you. It’s all about who you are as a person.

And that, my friend, is simple to change.

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