On Depression…

Inspired by a dear friend of mine, who has been living with severe depression for over four years now.

Depression is a big thing nowadays. It’s very common to be affected by it due to several factors, especially social media. You’re on Facebook checking your newsfeed, see all the happy pictures, motivational quotes, success stories that make you feel worse about your current situation. On top of that your friend posts a picture of himself tagging a few more guys who you know about going out to the club to having fun while you’re not invited. Now you feel left out thinking you did something wrong or you’re not cool enough.


That leads to anxiety.

Anxiety can lead to depression.


You don’t want to get up from bed to go to school nor work, you don’t even want to deal with your hobbies. All you want to do is to lay in bed doing nothing and sleeping all day. It’s easy to fall into that trap and quite understandable if you do. I’m going to tell you right off the bat that it’s not your fault and it will get better. Even the most happiest of us will get down days at some point. I myself get one in like every month or so thinking what’ts the point of this all. Why do we hustle? Why do we even bother since it’s all fucking pointless? What’ts the point of doing anything? What’s the point of life? I feel down, I don’t want to do any activity for a day, I feel crap, I don’t find anything interesting, there is nothing in the world that can make me happy and most of all – I don’t belive in myself.


What to do when we find ourselves in these situations? First of all – do not take any medication. Seek help by talking to your friends, colleagues or parents to find comfort. Listen to some music. Relax. Drop your work assignments for at least some time untill you feel better since it’s almost impossible to produce value in the state of depression.

I’m going to tell you something that will offend some of you, but is the ice cold truth. You need to try. It’s not your fault that you’re in this situation, but it becomes your fault if you do not fucking try. Anybody out there, if you have depression and you wish to overcome it, then it’s mandatory to try. You’re going to have to get yourself out of bed. That would be a great start. You have to find some joy in life, so begin to write down all the things that you value in life. Do not be vague. Write down every single thing no matter how small it is that you could think about and what you’re grateful for. Being able to see, hear, talk, think for yourself, and enjoy good food, exercise or even having a computer. These are just some that came off the top of my head. If you can find at least 10 things that you’re grateful for, then it’s possible to overcome your depression by using your own power.

“Depression is a choice.”


If nothing I just described helps, then you must see a doctor about this. There is a difference between giving up and really having nothing to do about it, so don’t fool yourself. It’s easy to make the problem bigger than it actually is. Be honest with yourself. Just give it a fucking shot for once in your god damn life. If nothing helps, then look for a doctor. Not before you’ve tried, only after when you’ve done everything from your part.


How to not fall into depression?

Find some fun in everyday activities, strive to be better while enjoying every single moment of growth. The keyword here is fun. So many of us belive that growth, studying and becoming stronger is this long, tedious, boring and unhappy road, which actually is just the opposite – it’s the definition of fun. Many successful people belive fun is also the key to happiness, which might or might not resonate with you also. Having quality fun and live a joyful happy life keeps you from becoming sad, angry or dip into depression. Being able to connect fun with work, now that’s a perfect life.


We can’t have full control over the problems that hit us in life, because some things are just too damn unexpected. What we can do is control our attitude and how much the situations affects us.

“Life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

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