30 Minute Exercise To Become A Badass

So many of you have been asking me lately for that one thing that would make all the difference. People are constantly looking for that magic pill, for that one thing that will transform everything in their life into something amazing.

How to get a better job?

How to become rich?

How to be happy all the time?

How to get into a relationship?

How to start writing a book?

How to start a blog?

How to stay motivated while working out?

More, more and more…

I could give a different answer for every single one of these questions, they are all different topics that require different ways of building themselves. In other words there is no specific one answer that will grant you everything there is to know. People just do not understand it. We think there is some kind of a secret formula when there really is not. It’s all about paradigms. What’s a paradigm? It’s our thinking pattern.

Our lives are determined by your paradigm.

Someone who thinks about success and will not accept any other way of living, will become successful. The woman who only wants to have money and thinks of it every single day all day, will eventually get money. The guy who wants to look really amazing and have the body of a Greek god will eventually achieve it since that’s all he thinks about. How can you not become succesful if that’s all you think about? If all your brainpower is dedicated into becoming successful then it’s about to happen at some point. There is no other way. The effort you put in will produce results that are worthy of it. The guy who spends every moment being awake on thinking success will eventually become successful. It’s called dedication. It’s the law of attraction.

So what’s that one way that will get you going?

How can you change your paradigm and get the things that you want?

Is there a shortcut?

How much effort does it take?

How many hours should I work untill I get to where I want to get?

There is a way. This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to creating a magic pill.Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think. Keep in mind that this method is only to shift your mind, to create a new thought process, to rewire your brain, to change your paradigm. You will start to see the world differently after this.

What does it take? 30 minutes every single day

What’s the task? Find a mentor, a video, a book, something inspirational and awakening, something that tells the things you NEED to hear and not just what you want to hear. To me it’s the audiobook called The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.

How the process looks like? I put the video on every day after I get out of bed and dedicate 30 minutes of every morning on listening to the whole recording. My daily video is exactly 30 minutes. If yours is shorter, replay. Make sure to hit the 30minute mark.

Why? This method is called forming a new habit. Since this habit is an audiobook, it will leave a deep mark in your brain. Thanks to the deepness of this video, of the material that’s in it, my mind moves in the direction I want it to go every single day. My day always starts off with reminding myself why I’m here, what I must do and what kind of mindset I must have. I don’t miss it. It’s extremely crucial.

Choose an audiobook/regular book/video that holds deep meaning to you and in your mind is crucial to understand in order to achieve the things you want and make a commitment to yourself to listen to/read it EVERY SINGLE morning.

You might say you do not have the time to do it. Well, it all comes down to priorities. How bad do you want to live the good life? Your choise. Completely your choise, this is the one thing you’re 100% responsible for. Anybody can find 30minutes in a day to become the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Kobe, Jordan, Ronaldo. 30 minutes every single day and the reward for it seems literally more than you’re worth for. Funny thing is…this is all what it takes.

“If you find it bad enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”


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