That One Question Everyone Asks Me

“In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.”  – Georg Cantor 


I don’t have an email from a fan that wants me to share some tips with him on how to succeed in life, how to start doing the work, how to become a self-help blogger and so forth. I don’t have such email. But, what I do have is about HUNDREDS of ’em!

Sometimes I’m even unable to go out and properly hang with my acquaintances, since that very same acquaintance starts asking about tips on how to become something his not. I’m not against sharing information that would help the guy out, but anybody who has asked me that is suffering under the same disease.


The disease is laziness.


We live in a society where it’s easier to be a theory nerd and search endlessly for information thinking there’s a magic pill to find. The truth is – no, fucker, there isn’t. Magic pill is a fantasy and not even a good one.

These guys that come up to me asking for tips on this and that have all one thing in common. They haven’t put in the work. All they’ve done is read about something, get exited, then read more…

I would have never been able to run a marathon if I hadn’t gone out for a run right after getting such an idea. Sure, I spent collecting information on dieting, finding the most optimal training program for me and learning about all the small nuances, but that was done after I had killed myself with my morning run. I got an idea to do something, then right after in 5 minutes I was already doing it without over thinking the craft.

The keyword here is “Do”.

Casey Neistat has some interesting tattoo’s, don’t ya think? His tattoo’s are not that appealing to the eye, they are not some artsy masterpieces. Not at all. Instead, they’re simple writings that don’t even have a font to begin with. Simplewords to remind Casey what his life is about. Simple things to remember throughout his day and to never lose his purpose.


Do more.



Words such as these. They are not some deep metaphors nor a life philosophy quotes. They’re simple, blunt cold-hearted vocabulary words that tell you exactly what to do without beating around the bush.

THIS is the thing that’s missing from those people’s lives that bombard me with silly questions. Start working and paying your dues to the craft you’ve chosen. Theory, information and anything else is secondary. Experience and work is primary.

Drop your search for the perfect method, stop over thinking and just start doing something. It’s as simple as that.


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