Relationship That Will Last Forever

Everlasting love…


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love is one of our deepest needs that in order to live a happy life needs to be fulfilled. Here’s the problem – you can’t control other people falling in love with you. It’s mostly a mix of putting yourself put there and meeting the right people, a little bit of luck with a possibility to increase its chances when by doing the right things. It’s by no means possible to make any person love you.

However, the kind of love that you can control does exist. It’s developed with an ability to be yourself the person that you could love at any given moment.


I’m sure we’re familiar with the concept of feeling amazing at one point and then like the whole world is working against you the next day. I’ll give you an analogue. At one moment you belive that you’re fat. Few hours later you have a peak at the mirror and see that you look totally fine. Has something in your physique changed in the past hour or two? No. You’re just looking at yourself from a different perspective. It’s the result of being in the right kind of environment. The people we spend time with and the situations we live through shape our minds. So in just few hours you’ve changed your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. In this case it happened by chance. What if you could apply this method willingly to all your endeavours? Wouldn’t we all be happier?


Many of us would use this method unhealthy way as an excuse to not better themselves. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not the right way to go, because in this case the happiness will not last for long. We might be happy with your shortcomings for a while, but at some point we will want more. If we want to experience real love in a much stronger form and for a much longer period of time, let’s say for a lifetime, then bettering our health, having a vision to work for and becoming wealthier so you could finance yourself to live in a better quality will be our best option.

A truly smart person will want to live better than he does right now and will always love the person who he is right now. It’s about finding the perfect balance between the present and the future.


If we begin to love ourselves and lose the need for validation of getting love from others, only then we can allow us to fully experience the people around us and see what they have to offer, because we stopped wasting time on worrying about our side of social presentation. If we love ourselves, then we don’t make compromises nor stay in relationships with people, who make us feel not valued nor important.

Be in a relationship with yourself.

Respect yourself.

The only true relationship that lasts for a lifetime is with yourself.


How To Commit To Your Fantastic Idea

Ask yourself this:

Do you have an idea or do you have a follow-up commitment to an idea?

Ideas are just ideas. It’s not even half the battle as some people like to say. Having an idea is just a seed, which will grow into the game board on which we can start estimating actions by using percentages. It’s like you’ve decided to lose weight. At the moment it’s an idea. You just created the battleground and the real battle is just about to begin. Idea is equal to just going through the front door. Your actions on the battleground will determine whether you’re successful or not. Having an idea aka the battleground is quite elementary for most of us, because deep down all of us know what we must do. When it comes to personal development, I could be asking the question “What do you think you should do?” as an answer for your question and most of the times you would have the answer. You just lack of personal authority and you’re waiting for someone else to tell you the same answer. The answer, whatever it will be, is also equal to the concept of idea. It’s just the start, because now you know the way you must take. It’s the commitment part that’s hard.




Some of us are so incredible with our way of thinking, but we are not in action. If they produced an idea, it would be just stepping in like it was explained in the last section. It’s never enough to have an idea. It’s not enough to even have an idea and step in action. It’s enough when you have an idea, step into the battlefield and stay there untill your side wins.

If you are battling, but have not won yet, then it’s obviously not enough. If your goal is to lose sixty pounds and you’ve lost 57 already, then it’s not enough. The job that you set out to do is not done unless you have found an acceptable reason to not continue. Let me tell you which one is by any means not acceptable. Saying “good enough.” It has to be great untill you’re completely satisfied with your actions and have no regrets. Only then we will develop the power in our mind to do what’s necessary in order to win. Remember, it’s not the guy who fails that’s a loser. A loser is that guy who gave up.


In the movie “Up” Carl had a plan to travel to paradise falls with his wife, but they never reached their goal because of the lack of commitment.

The universe sends all sorts of things on our way when we say: “Hey! I just had a great idea!” The universe goes: “Oh really?” It will send you fear, it will send you pain, doubt, uncertainty. It’s going to send you so many reasons to quit just to see how committed you are.

Idea is just a start. Commitment is the ability to get hit by all kind of bullshit and still come out on top.


“Time weeds out all the imposters. Time will show us who’s truly committed and who’s just in it because it’s a good idea.” – Alexi Panos

Almost anyone can come up with an idea. Almost no-one can commit to it.

You Vs Bullies

There’s not a day that goes by without having flashbacks from my previous encounters with bullies during highschool … hence why I wrote about this topic. Will be a fun ride, so hang on tight! 😉

As a severe victom of bullying in my youth,

Let me tell you a fact that’s hard to swallow, but essential to understanding the topic I’m about to explain.

It’s YOUR own fault, when people disrespect you. Nobody else it to be blamed for your not being strong enough. School kids for an example are not being bullied due to having a big nose or wearing the so-called „lame“ shirts. These factors act as a trigger, nothing else. The person being bullied is just an easy target, nothing more. Self defence is not on their strong side. By this I don’t mean the physical ability to beat someone up. It’s about being mentally strong and not letting others push you around for no good reason. Hell, even if they have a „justified“ reason for it, you should still fuck them??? up with the ability of being rock solid. This is not just about high school, it’s about life in general. Bullies are something we’ll all face at some point in our lives either mentally or physically, whether we’re old or young, strong or weak. They are literally everywhere. In school we have bullies, but in adult life one tolerates criticism or even more simply put – people walking over you.


I want you to really think about the things that are going to happen when someone is giving you that kind of pressure. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It feels like we are losing our influence and others are putting us under their feet. Especially, when they talk terrible things about us. These  situations make us feel like we are less than everyone else. But think for a moment – what did they really do? Let’s use the high school bullying for an example. The bully just said something about you, that’s most likely not even true. And if others are believing him, then why? Are they socially on a higher place than you? Maybe. Is their social credit better? Maybe so. This is not even the factor that’s relevant. Despite the credibility of the information shared about you, the bullies did something very simple. They were not afraid to express themselves. Even if it came from a lonely, sad, negative mindset, they still did something that affected you in a negative way. They got a reaction from you. That’s what we can learn from this situation. That bully who started calling you with different and offensive names in school, what did he really do? I can tell you that he did something particular, that was really powerful. It’s not the matter of being correct, fact wise. It’s about doing the deed. As you can probably understand already, there is tremendous power in just going for something without having a highly functional brain to back it up. You’re not a trash nor stupid like they might have said in high school.


The things that the bullies say are most of the time not even fucking true! Despite this, that’s what the bully said and others had to go along with it, because they simply wanted to save themselves from being put on the spotlight just like you were. They all know that the things some kid calls you are not true. It’s just a matter of self-defence, being socially accepted. The guy who’s the leader of this pack is the guy that just had the guts to start. In other words, he took action when others didn’t and in this situation, the reason, why he did it,  didn’t matter. Actions speak loud.

When we grow up, then the bullies do not just disappear. They will come back, just in a different form. That’s called criticism. If you’re wondering, whether they have power over you and the situation, then just ask yourself – do they? It’s really that simple. If they are affecting you, then they obviously are influencing you and if not, well then you are good. It all comes down to being confident in yourself.

This is the lesson we can learn from bullies. Your dream might not be that realistic or your ideas might not be as correct as they could be fact wise, but in spreading them and going for your goals and TAKING ACTION holds a great power. Most of the people, who are financially in a great place, who drive Ferrari’s and Porsche’s, are not some geniuses. They just understand, how to get things done, which gives them incredible power over those who are mediocre.

Believe me, night is the darkest just before the dawn. It will get worse before it gets better.


The Karate Kid is a perfect movie to demonstrate how bullying can be extremely beneficial. In this case, growing stronger both mentally and psychically and exchanging our negative habits for positive ones.

„8 Mile“ is a movie about this rapper called „B-Rabbit’s“ life story played by Eminem, which shows how tough it is to make it in this world when your every move is being judged and your dreams discouraged. It’s important to belive in yourself. This is the only thing you can control for sure.

Bursting The Bubble Of True Love And What It Actually Is

What is love exactly? Well…let me tell you a short story that I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to.


It is called:

“Suzie meets Jake”


Suzie, young and modestly beautiful woman, 25, has been single for years now and her body is aching for some love. Or, in other words, she is horny as fuck. When we are horny has fuck we tend to let our guard down, and also our standards. It’s not like we’re ready to take on anyone, but much rather we are ready to look past other person’s flaws if they’re not too big.




Suzie works at the grocery store as a clerk. One day, Jake, a usual guy with a usual life walks in, doesn’t care enough to push a cart and just loads up the goods on his hands. One moment he is being to careless and drops an apple or two. Suzie happens to be around and helps Jake out by picking up the apples. Jake being a guy and everything while Suzie desperately searching for love happen to cross eyes and have an awkward eye contact. But, since guys are almost always looking for another lay and Suzie mentally being in a vulnerable place, Jake’s petty little pickup lane happens to work and they exchange phone numbers. Keep in mind that most guys ask out pretty much anyone who seems to be in their reach. A cold hard fact for ya. Next friday they go out and have a blast since both of them are looking to take things further.

Now, Jake does not have to be a cool guy with excellent game since Suzie is already desperate. Therefore, despite all the mistakes he makes during the date Suzie stays interested in him. Since Jake is not a weird guy, maybe just a little bit inexperienced and needy, possessing these small shortcomings are not a deal breaker.




Since Jake is a guy who has watched many romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant he feels as if he needs to make the first move. Therefore, he kisses Suzie and they happen to hit it off just fine. Once again, not because they’re a match made in heaven but because they’re both looking to hook up. Few dates later they end up doing just that.

A year later they get married because none of them have found a better deal and on top of that do not even care to, since it’s just too much hustle and feels like a tedious thing to do, on some points even unrealistic.

The cold hard truth about marriage, whether you like it or not…




Jake does not get approached by women since he is not a special guy in terms of all the males in the world. He’s just another guy that has nothing special about him, nothing to really stand out from the sea of grey. And Suzie, oh boy, believes in the idea of true love. Therefore, guys that hit on him after he met Jake…she does not even look at them even if her womanly senses tell her to. The guy could be Brad Pitt for all we care, she would not even talk to him. She believes in true love and has completely blanked out the idea of even looking at another guy.

Suzie is not mentally stable. She’s delusional and lives in a fantasy. Deep down she might even know it, which is even worse. Either way, her life is a drag. She’s not happy and lives off her emotions. She is unable to be truly happy because she, for the lack of a better word, is stupid.

And Jake is mediocre.




They live together now. None of them are happy because they’re not being truthful and not using their heads. They don’t read, they don’t know much about the ways of the world other than what media such as the news and papers feed them. Jake believes he cannot get anyone better than Suzie and tries to rationalize not sleeping with other women by saying nonsense such as it’s impossible to have a one night stand without being famous or rich. He thinks women that sleep on first dates are sluts and not worthy, which is of course a big lie. Jake is truly a mediocre guy with mediocre expectations, which lead to a mediocre life. He is disposable. And Suzie is mentally a train wreck.

Jake thinks this way because he was never been exposed to real information about dating and he has just consumed the stuff that’s mainstream. He has no thirst for knowledge. Suzie is in many ways still a little kid who doesn’t allow herself to see the truth simply because it’s too painful. Reality is painful, especially for the weak-minded.

Now, these two people are not bad people. They’re nothing special. Instead, they’re both ordinary. They simply don’t know any better.

Look at any marriage or a relationship and both me and other specialists on the field of dating, psychology and so forth can assure you – such a scenario is almost always the case.


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Stuff Women Say… (Allow Me To Translate)

After years of trial and error…LOTS and LOTS of trial and error…


Let me translate some common sentences for ya into a language that will make you understand women a bit better:


I’ve been busy.” – She has not been interested enough to text or meet up with you.

There has been a shitload of things to do lately.” – She’s probably been genuinely busy, yet you haven’t been special enough to her for her to think about you. Most likely.

I have a boyfriend.” – She’s letting you know that there’s an obstacle without ruling out the possibility of having sex with you, hence why she’s still texting or talking to you.

I’m not into you.” – She’s either testing your mental strength as a man and your ability to stay sure in yourself, or she’s telling you that the type of approach that you’ve used has not worked on her yet, or a least for a very long time. Possibly a mixture of both.

You’re funny.” – You’ve got 50% of requirements down, now she just needs to see if you got what it takes as a superior man. 50% fun + 50% confidence. Play around with these numbers.

I like you, but…” – You’re okay as a friend, but have not shown masculine interest enough to be her lover.

I reeeaalllly like you, but…” – Same deal, but she’s probably already able to have sex with you and is just presenting a certain problem which you need to solve before penetrating her. Keep in mind that solving a problem is usually just verbal, you don’t need to go and actually kill her husband or anything. Go on to her with a bit more persuasion and certainty in your act, and you’ll break through.

I don’t want to see you every again!” – Now this can go both ways. She either does not want to see you again, or she’s just proving a test which you need to pass. A simple way to find out is to always assume that the girl wants to have sex with you more than you want to have sex with her. If she keeps resisting and you can feel this sense of defection, then pull the fuck back and move on to another girl. If you happen to be a normal human being without autism or anything such as that, then just trust your gut and you’ll be fine.

I love you.” – She’s throwing herself at you, hoping that you accept. If you do so against your own will and be on some kind of a mercy mission, she’ll know. If you do so because you also feel the same way about her, she’ll know.

I wish we could be friends.” – You have what it takes to be her lover, but there’s something negative about you and her being together. Maybe you have great sex but are not able to get along. Maybe she’s looking for someone else, yet your persistence and masculine energy is too strong for her to say no. Maybe she’s not ready to have sex with you and you’re not accepting her as just a friend.

He’s so mean.” – She likes you and you’re giving her a hard time that she secretly enjoys. Let loose a bit, yet do not compromise your identity as far as she knows it.

“I wish he would just go away.” – Go away.

“I wish he would just die.” – She’s into you and hates it.

“Even your mom has not more balls than you.” – She’s trying to provoke you. You’re being too soft.

“Why doesn’t he just leave me be?” – She’s annoyed about your clingyness, yet on some level she enjoys it. Your chances of getting laid are low, yet they’re still there.


How To Win Friends And Influence People

This blog post is inspired by the book „How to win friends and influence people“ by Dale Carnegie, one of the first self-help books and also one of the best self-help books ever written. I know people who have turned their life around from selling drugs purely by picking up this piece of genius and made more than a million dollars legitimately.

Anyway, this book starts off with a wonderful example that I will share here. Let’s say you go fishing. You love to eat ice-cream with strawberries. Unfortunately, that’s not what fish like to eat. They like worms. So obviously you’re not going to use ice-cream with strawberries as bait. You will use worms. Same principles apply to human conversation. Don’t think about what you want. Think about what your targeted audience would want, even if it is just one guy.


If you were a personal trainer, you would not use a sales pitch like „I’m trying to build a customer base.“ No. You will say something like „I wanna help you to lose weight. I’m going to sweat with you, I’m going to fight with you. I’m going to be there for you.“ The key is to put yourself into another persons perspective. Seeing through their eyes, seeing what they want. This will take some creativity. The sad truth is – most of us just do not care about what you want. This is why most of us are also broke.

  • Become interested in others
  • Be a good listener
  • Talk in terms of their interests, not just yours
  • To make the other person feel better and to do it sincerely

Whether you care only about a few topics like cars, mathematics or self-help, show some interest nonetheless. People love when you show interest in their lives. If you do that, then we finally feel like we have accomplished something and now we get to share our experience even tho the experience might have been not that much out of the ordinary and just circumstantial. Since so many people are extremely poor conversationalists, this will definitely make you stand out in their social circle. We, humans, sadly don’t wanna listen, we just want to talk and we absolutely love when someone listens to us. Asking someone about their weekend might not seem that interesting to you, but it will appeal to the person who’s asked. For them it will create joy and they will also treat you better overall. Even people with the most random and incognito professions such as an accountant might have such an interesting life and you have no idea about it, because you have never asked them. You can come to the realisation that someone has saved a life before or has broken a window to get a dog out of a hot car. Who knows, maybe you’ll even befriend a millionaire.


Everyone is starring in their own movie and we love to talk about it. Something like this is highly useful to notice and can be used your advantage in order to create better relations with people, make new friends and live a happier live by just socializing more and showing interest in other people’s lives. By using this technique, you’re going to have the most deep conversations and make friends that will last a lifetime.

If you lack of communication skills, I seriously recommend you to pick up this book. It is essential to any aspiring success hunter.

If you want to be a good conversationalist, be a good listener. To be interesting, be interested.  

– Dale Carnegie



“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

– Abraham Lincoln