The Truth About Positive Thinking

Negative feelings are the byproduct of a healthy mind. Accepting those feelings and realizing that life is not always fun, and those down times are really a necessity to experience the good ones. Negative feelings are not negative, meaning we should not run away from them. Accept them since shit happens, and that’s about fucking it. Really. Paradoxically, this sort of thinking will make you more into a positive person as well as make you enjoy life more thanks to the realisation of life is not a fairytale, and it’s also not a tedious rat race.


The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.


If a person spends his entire life looking for emotional highs, then he’ll be addicted to the positive stimulus, and for those people it’s really damn hard to accept tough times. If you deny something, you’re not free from it. It will come back to haunt you, to make you miserable and with a much bigger force. Once we just accept the shittiness that life throws at us and realize how it’s not that bad, life becomes a lot easier. There are dark times and there are those great fun easy times when everything is going in the way we want. There’s nothing wrong with either of these. That’s life. It’s said by almost everyone, and we all know this, but do we really get it? Do you really fucking get it? Because once you do, there will be no negativity. There will be downfall, but there will be no negativity. There will be sadness and sorrow, but you don’t shy away from it. You will embrace it. And that feeling, of being able to take anything life throws at you with this sense of being at ease because of understanding life and accepting its parts of all kind, one becomes truly happy.




So what is a positive experience? If you haven’t figured out the answer by the time you’re reading this, no offence, but let me just spell it out for it to be crystal clear. Life itself is a positive experience, thanks to the sadness, sorrow, happiness, fun times and everything else that comes with it. There is no judgement, no feeling is better than the other. It’s all equal, and it’s all just so fucking fun.


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