Can You Make Money Through Picking Up Women?

The question is – can YOU make money from being able to date young and beautiful women?

Do you want the short answer or the long answer? Oh, fuck it, I’ll give you both of these, but not in the order of which you’d prefer 😉

Anyhow, here’s the long one.


I began in my pickup journey many years ago. Back then I was nothing more but a jobless, school-less(?), punk with a severe stutter and a dream of becoming a ladykiller (no, not an actual killer). My dream was to be like those actors in movies, Jack Nicholson and Brad Pitt. I’m not talking about Justin Bieber or Zac Efron, because they’re a completely different story. Anyhow, you get the picture.

I was so young and extremely naive. I believed everything my dating gurus told me, which, luckily, was good as fuck. I learned more in one month than those who came before me learned in one year! I was tremendously motivated, dedicated and ready to rock!

I remember that back then I didn’t do anything else. My whole life was picking up women. I focused merely on how to become the superior man and the techniques that work you through the bullshit excuses women make in order to stay “non-slutty”. And they worked. For real! I was becoming better than I was yesterday so fucking fast that it was completely insane. I went out to do daygame, talked to like 50 different hot women in few hours, got the reference experiences, learned the fuck out of them, and then moved on. To what, you might ask. Well…nightgame of course! My nights ended in different clubs and bars, and I probably had talked to every single female in the area.


Funny thing about this is that many of those women actually found me tremendously attractive, despite me being so young, poor and without any sense of style. That’s true, I was wearing this 3-year-old black hoodie, blue jeans and white sneakers. That’s it. And the women? Well…fucking 500 euro coats and lots more!

At the end of the day it did not matter. Game matters. If you’ve got good game, every external value means nothing. It’s like hypnosis. And since women are emotional creatures, they tend to focus on feelings and not logic. Therefore, they were getting the experience of a lifetime while those well-dressed business men stood in the corner with drinks in hand, gazing with their empty eyes, looking at me and wondering how this piece of shit even got in here.

Jokes on them.


Learning game was the best decision in my life and I recommend it to anybody who’s considering to go pro.

Go pro.


Now…can YOU make money with picking up women?






After years of practising my craft, perfecting it to the highest level possible, during this time I had a wonderful idea of writing a book on it. Since I had so much to share, so many people to impress and so many bills to pay, I sat down and wrote for days. Weeks. Months. After 3 months of intensive work, due to my poor english during that time (and now), I was finally done.

The book sold well. I got enough money to pay for my gas bill that was due last year.

So…what did I do next?

I wrote another book.

I even started a blog, that works as a platform for my products. This shit is awesome! Now, in my case earning ANY money feels like the world’s biggest victory. However, to you it might not be so. Therefore, I’ll share some other EXTREMELY beneficial ideas that help you make money through seducing women.


1.Some women who fall for you are rich as fuck! You’d be surprised how many of them offer you money to go see them for just one night. This shit works like magic! The downside? You need skill. Lots of skill.


2.You’ll get tons of new contacts with people who have the ability to make shit happen. I’ve befriended millionaires, club owners, their wives…the list goes on. So, if you get a wonderful idea in the future, you’ll have the contacts to pull it off.


3.Pickup infield videos. YouTube is full of young brave guys that are able to make a fortune simply by arranging social experiments, as well as picking up girls at different campuses, schools, shopping malls…you name it. All you need is a camera, a YouTube account and lots of courage plus will. Let’s get crackin!


4. And last and the most important point of all – picking up women builds your character, gives you a charismatic look, which will benefit you everywhere. Job interviews, promotions at work…you name it. It’s not about what you can or cannot do, it’s about how much do people like you.


This shit goes even deeper…but it’s late and I’m tired as fuck.


Oh, and one more thing…

Here’s the fucking book.



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