Neuroscience Will Make You WIN In Life

Neuroscience Will Change Your Life — Part 2

In the last post I talked about how our emotions are going to be here no matter what and the idea that changes everything for us is just looking at our feelings from a rational perspective, from a third person. If we were to understand this idea, then it seems really crazy to feel bad about emotions and how we feel. In this article I’m going to expand on this idea and build something that will help you stick this life changing idea to your daily thinking pattern really easily.

The biggest problem for all of us, regardless of our race, our gender any other visual que that separates us, the biggest problem is the same for everybody. Our biggest issue is really beating ourselves up over our feelings, because we simply do not understand how it works. We tend to take our emotions for granted and not rationalize at all. This type of behaviour will make us do stupid things, not use our advanced part of the brain and pretty much run around like animals in a world full of others just like us. All these big corporation leaders, all the inspirational high-class people who we look up to understand this idea, that emotions just are and the only thing that matters is how we react to them. You cannot be successful without understanding this idea, since our emotions will always fight the ideas that are uncomfortable to adapt. It’s hard to start working out, it’s hard to go for a 3am run, it’s hard to work 18 hours for 5 days straight. All of these activities are extremely uncomfortable, but in many cases very much-needed since they build the character, they build willpower and change our brains paradigm to something that will prioritize success over petty little feelings. In my mind, to be able to control our own emotions by simply taking a step back, looking at the situation from a whole another perspective, making up our mind deciding what the right thing for us to do is without paying attention to emotions like fear and anger which exist no matter what, coming back to the real world and do the right thing.

We are not flawed, we just put too much faith on our emotional state without actually realizing why it’s so and what to do about it. Not controlling your emotional state will take you through like doing literally nothing, since our emotions prioritize staying alive and feeling good, but success needs you to step outside of your comfort zone and do something new for a change, which for our emotions seems really dangerous. This is why we need to rationalize and really think of the situation, since we all can come up with an answer despite our educational differences. We all have the ability to make a right decision. Use the full power of what has been given to us, especially at this day and age.

The only thing we need to be able to deal with our issues is to understand, where they come from and understand our relationship with them, how and why they work the way they do. This requires looking at ourselves as a third person, which requires eating healthy and working out to feed your advanced parts of the brain. It starts with increasing your blood flow through these two ways and allows you to think more with reason.

This is exactly where it starts.

Another very important insight so you’d be able to tackle this is the extent to which you experience an emotion, that gets connected to a concept. What I mean with this is the way your brain works, whenever you experience an emotion whether it’s fear, anger or whatever, you try to connect in with an idea. Same principle works when you look at a thing or a person, you connect that also with an emotion. Emotions and concepts in our brain go hand in hand, they’re connected to each other. The problem with this, as we are emotional beings, is that everything we experience is quite emotional. Everything that we experience starts in our primitive part of our brain, meaning it starts with feeling our emotions first and then being able to rationalize and interpret it. Every fear, every single desire and craving starts by feeling the emotion first after which it will get conceptualized by our advanced part of the brain. That’s the process that happens only afterwards.

If you understand that concepts are connected to your emotions, and emotions is what drives all your thinking on a subconscious level, you’ll see how important it is to detach concepts from emotions. Most of us think using our emotion and therefore are not able to find the truth, improve their lives and become someone of high value.

When two guys are talking to each other about god, one having strong positive beliefs on god while the other one has fairly negative beliefs on god’s existence, you two think you’re talking about the same god, but in reality all you’re doing is talking about your emotions. You’re not finding the truth, you’re just protecting your idea.

First we experience, after which we contextualize.

Let’s have another example. If I start talking to you about working out and eating healthy and you have a negative experience with it, a workout program not working for you or you just despise people who take their lives more seriously than you, then you won’t even listen to me because you’ve already attached an emotion to the concept, therefore not finding out the truth. If you have a really positive outlook on working out and healthy foods, then you will take everything I say for granted without missing a few mistakes I might make in the process of explaining something. This last part is really common amongst beginners who have just gotten into health improvement and suck in any information like a sponge.

This is why the only way how you can find the real answer, you need to be able to detach yourself from emotions. You can still experience them, take them for granted, but do not identify yourself with them.

To be able to grow as a person is your ability to detach yourself from beliefs on an emotional level. This allows you to through life and notice whenever a belief is flawed, whatever it might be, simply discard it and replace it with a stronger one. But if you go through life and you have a very strong emotion connected to that belief and you’re confronted with that belief being flawed, and since on a subconscious level this belief is what drives you and makes you do the things you do, your brain will feel threatened and you’ll protect it by blocking out all the information that could help you to discover how much of a bullshit your idea really is. Some people still believe that earth is flat because of this very same concept I just explained. It’s not like they can’t let go of the idea that earth is flat, they can’t let go of the emotion attached to this concept.

The reason why I’m explaining all of this is to make you understand and realize that as hard it is to understand the world, as hard it is to make sense out of everything you experience in the world, as hard it is to find answers and why things are the way they are, everything has a reason. Most of people back in the old days had a reason and that was god. That was their explanation. That was their ability to explain their fear. It gave them a sense of peace and relief, because it was something they could trust. The beauty about science is that now we can have that same trust and that everything happens for a reason instead of god on a scientific level, on a level that’s much more improved by the brightest minds of all time.

We have the ability to control and to rewire ourselves, the only thing we lack of is knowledge and understanding. Everything does make sense. The only thing that’s standing in the way of you believing this is understanding what’s going on.

The ability to detach your feelings from your ideas will make you grow like crazy, this is the recipe for any success, to make millions and billions of euros, to become the next legend of our lifetime. Being impulsive and trusting our emotions at all times will make you impulsive and form dysfunctional ideas and make you believe in something that’s not actually correct.

Everything that I talk about here is made to make you, the reader understand that everything you experience, can be controlled, if you just control your mind. No matter how you feel and no matter how you look at things, everything makes sense. Everything. Understand it and you’ll overcome it.

It’s not your fault for not knowing this stuff, it’s not your fault at all, but by feeding your advanced part of the brain that starts with losing your ego, working out and eating healthy you’ll be able to understand it and overcome it. By adopting this whole idea that I wrote about in this article into your brain — it will give you tremendous power. A positive paradigm shift, the best thing that could ever happen to us. Not money, not fame, not love, but paradigm shift — that’s all we need for a happy life.

Unless you want to have sex with a different girl every single day…

Then you’ll need this 😉

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