I’m Not Mr. Nice

I’m not a very nice person. This is what I’ve been told for the last few years. People don’t say this because I dislike some of them, or because I want to hurt or harm them. No, not even one bit. I’m not a nice person because I’m an honest person. I speak the truth at all times. If I don’t like something, I say it. If I think someone would benefit from my constructive criticism, I’ll inform her. If I think someone could really use a reality check that would put his world view into perspective, then I’ll confront him with everything I have to offer. I speak the truth whenever it’s useful, and trust me, being truthful is useful pretty much at any hour, any day, any year, any fucking time.

If you’re being nice because your parents tell you to be nice, then I’m sorry, but you’re a little piece of shit. If you’re polite because the world tells you to be polite, then you’re a big piece of shit. In this specific case it’s not just about how you act, but from where the deed is coming from. You can be nice all you want, but if you’re doing it to just hide your inner ugliness or you’re just scared what others will think after seeing your true colors, then you’re a piece of fucking shit, no matter how well you learn to disguise yourself. It’s not about acting in a proper way, it’s about learning to balance your inner demons and learn to live with them. It’s about fixing the problem behind the anger so that you would not have the need to attack and harm or insult or destroy anyone. Living in such matter will make you not even want to act nasty, because you’re not a nasty person. Hiding your true colors just makes you be disconnected with your true self, and even if it was connected, then that true self would be ugly to look at. You’d have no friends, but guess what – by being fake you will have fake friends. When unable to express real emotion you’ll make no real connections either. Find the root cause and give it treatment, the natural kind, by acquiring knowledge and experiences and not with modern medicine that’s designed to make money, not cure you. Inner problems are solved from the inside, through working on yourself.

Now, hear me out on this…

There is a fine line between not telling the truth and lying. Not telling the truth can be useful to not steer up any angry or negative emotions that can literally harm you. For instance, if you find yourself to be stuck in an elevator with two mean looking motherfuckers, ready to explode due to this dis-ease that the modern mechanization system has caused, then it’s better not to give a lecture of how the world really works and why the ideas that they believe in are not really optimal for a person’s happiness. Also, one needs to recognize that criticism is usually taken as a negative experience by many people, since they’re not ready to give up their bullshit beliefs and would much rather believe in a lie than hear a glimpse of some honest truth. Many people would rather choose the red pill than the blue pill, they would rather feel someone alright opposed to facing reality, that would bring their emotional state down for a bit and then increase it over time to the heights that would otherwise be unreachable. One needs to feel a bit of pain so that he or she could reach the impenetrable level of consciousness. I’m speaking of the state of power, peace and reason, the three pillars of enlightenment.

Another great thing to point out is that by you telling the truth all the time makes you become real. You’ll become authentic, trustworthy and charismatic. People start wanting to be around you a lot more than they used to, unless your whole social circle is filled with negative unmotivated on a path of degeneration people. I’m most definitely not trying to diss anyone with this statement, but to just give you a better idea of what kind of people I have in mind. ANYBODY is free to choose your life, but keep in mind that the path of progression is hell of a lot better. Our brains are simply wired to enjoy growth and to have a specific purpose, to work for something. This is why going on a diet and actually following through with it makes us feel so good. It’s not just the new hot body that we’re happy about, it’s the whole process of progression.

Speaking of progression…

You are going to love this:

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