Neuroscience Will Change Your Life

Neuroscience Will Change Your Life

This is probably my most important post of all time! Why we feel fear, why are we angry, why we don’t understand life and everything else is explained in here. This post will literally change your life, if you don’t skip words and read it properly. This article holds the power to improve your life starting today. Whatever problem you’re facing right now will look like nothing after being done with this blog post.

Here we go.

When we’re born and during us growing up, most of our ideas and beliefs that define who you are have been socially conditioned. They have been learned. Your drive, the things that you desire are either defined on a subconscious level and can also be directed based on how you grow up. As human beings we want o thrive and doing so requires us to survive, because without surviving we would not even be where we are today. Surviving manifests itself in different ways.

When you go back a few thousand years being part of the group was crucial to survive. The result that we have from it is our biology, our DNA has this concept hardwired in us. In ancient times if you suddenly went back in time, didn’t try to fit in and in result of acting so be rejected by a group, you would simply die. This is why what other people think about you, trying to fit in or trying impress people around you is something that some people can experience as extremely important in their life.

Same in a tribe, if you’re in a tribe and get enough power and authority from the members what happens is being the one who doesn’t follow orders, but creates them, will make you more alpha so to say. A leader. You will start to lead and taking the people with you in a direction you believe in. This will affect the tribe and is called social conditioning. You see these kind of animal pack mentalities everywhere around us in the society. Animals and us, humans ultimately have the same dynamics.

The reason why I’m explaining this is because it’s really crucial to know these dynamics, it allows you to overcome them and alter them in a way it’s beneficial for your life. The reason why I know these things is because I read about neuroscience and evolutionary biology. One of the biggest problems is when I talk and do my best to explain these sorts of things, for a big part the extent to which you can process this information, the extent to which you’re able to really understand this concept is much defined by how much neuron activity you have in the more advanced part of the brain.

I’ll start by explaining a big dysfunction that we currently are experiencing every single day.

A lot of people go through life trying to fit in, trying to impress others, trying to live a life that other people want to live. On a subconscious level you really desire to be a part of a bigger group, you really desire to fit in. Being part of the family, friendships or a relationship and so on. These things are really defined by how we grew up.

What I’m trying to explain you here is that all your emotions, everything you experience in your daily life have a reason. Every single emotion you have can be explained, even the most dysfunctional ones. They all have a reason why they happen.

Fear is a big part of our evolution, being able to survive and make decisions which will alow us to endure. When you go back in time and have a certain fear, then it most cases it’s necessary to survive. Being afraid of a tiger, another tribe and whatnot. Fear has allowed us to adapt with reality and grow as a species.

As we grew, we became more self-aware and self-conscious, we began to create ideas and concepts thanks to our ability to speak. We began to construct more complex concepts in our brain. It all makes sense.

Every time during the stone age and around there, when we experienced an occurrence that we could not explain, it brought us a lot of fear. To cope with that fear we created certain concepts to be able to understand what happened, whether it’s religion or other advanced spiritual ideas or something else entirely. Every time we found an idea that explained it to us, because when we’re able to explain the fear, it allows us to get rid of it.

In a zoo when you see a lion, you might be scared at first, but when you realize that you have glass between you and the animal you suddenly become less afraid. Fear is suddenly gone. Someone pointing a gun at you will trigger fear, but when you realize it’s just a toy, the fear will disappear really quickly.

We have the ability to overwrite our fears, if we can make ourselves understand what the cause is despite it being either true or false. Everything has a reason, but even by believing in the wrong reason we still offer our brain an explaining and kill that certain fear. For an example god might not exist, but even if we tell ourselves he does and he protects us, many of us still find peace in their mind.

But if you don’t have a reason, if you don’t know why it’s there, you will try to find another concept that can cope with it that could process this emotion that comes about with fear, with social conditioning, with love etc. The problem is that this mechanism that I’m explaining now is not something that’s flawless.

When we first came from very primitive beings and then suddenly discovered language and were able to communicate and such, we did not understand why we had all these fast technologies, all these fast developments, all fears that really define life in a really drastic way. On a fundamental level we’re still quite primitive. We don’t have much understanding. Over the last 100 years when science became more socially accepted and more of us adapted this way of thinking, being more logical. It was at that period of time when we had an extremely fast growth period and started to develop so much as a species. The problem is that when we grow up and are exposed to certain beliefs, certain knowledge — the only thing that we’re aware of is what we’re exposed to. What we are being showed by our parents, our society and our environment in general, this is pretty much all we know. So when I talk about evolutionary biology and this long road of what we actually are, many of us don’t even understand these things because they simply don’t think about this. We have our own problems, our thinking is very direct like how to come up with rent money for this month, how to make that girl I work with like me and such, and we fail to see the bigger picture. There is no bigger awareness in what your place is in all this shit storm that we call life. This is because it’s never been thought about, it’s not part of your neural network, it’s not part of your awareness simply because you have not been exposed to it.

It is my goal to explain here where our fears come from and why we feel the way we feel and how understanding these fears and knowing why they’re there you can overcome them and do the things that will get you ahead in life. The same way knowing that the gun that is being pointed at you is a toy can take away certain toys, the same applies to a lot of these dysfunctional beliefs we’ve adapted to cope with emotions and feelings we could not explain otherwise.

It is very important to realize that a lot of these understandings is the ability to look at your processes, to look at yourself as a third person without choosing sides and letting your paradigm affect your judgement. If you’re too much warped in your own world view, you will not be able to process what I’m explaining. In order to understand my next concept you really need to be able to let go from your day-to-day routine way of thinking and take distance from it, at least for a little while. This is crucial if you want to understand what I’m about to explain.

This is also why people live very unhealthy like eat bad and don’t work out and don’t have enough cognitive power to process this information, then it will simply go past you. If we don’t stimulate these parts that can process this information, then your behaviour is more “animal” like. It is perfectly fine, I’m not criticising anyone here. I’m just saying you have the ability to understand these concepts and these ideas, but it’s important to be in a very active awareness state of mind. Working out and eating healthy has been two of the most important tools that allow people to be more clear-headed and to be able to think. Before when I was explaining certain concepts you we’re able to easily relate, like having fears and anxieties. These things will easily vibe with most of the people, they’re easy to identify yourself with.

What I’m about to explain now, will require you to take distance from your belief system and your daily life. Upcoming information is hard to process otherwise. I invite you to use the part of your brain that’s more advanced. I’m going to explain to you how our brain works and if you’re caught up in the primitive part of our brain and think more impulsive, then you don’t have the more advanced parts of your brain active and not recognize these mistakes that we have in our wiring. Basically it’s all about looking at our processes as an outside. We develop this ability at the age of 15ish, so if you’re quite young, then this concept can be really difficult for you to understand, same goes for the people who are too caught up in their own world.

Everybody have the ability to be a king in their own way, every single person in our world has the ability to do that. As hard it is for some of us to understand that, everybody can do it. It’s all about understanding the dynamics, so we could outgrow it.

If you look at our brain, then we’ve come a long way. If you focus on the physical part of the brain then you will see that the more primitive parts of our brain are in the centre and they’ve got layers on them. It’s like the primitive side is the stone inside a cherry and as we’ve evolved, different layers have appeared that cover the foundation, the stone. These layers are our advanced parts of our brain. As the brain grew, more advanced parts are the prefrontal cortex and such that for an example allow you to process language. Most parts that are more advanced and speak or to reason have come later in evolution. Primitive sides, the stone inside the cherry if you will, where also feelings and fears are located is where our subconsciousness lies. Subconscious is just as part of us as our conscious, but because it doesn’t have these advanced parts to be able to think and speak, it experiences and expresses itself in feelings and fears. Your prefrontal cortex, the advanced part of the brain has the ability to affect these feelings and fears. Just as the example with the toy gun, at first we feel fear, then our advanced part of the brain kicks in and destroys the fear. So you first experience the stone inside a cherry and then feel these layers that have been built on it. The moment your prefrontal cortex realises the gun is just a toy, the fear will be gone completely.

This whole thing means we are able to control our fears, our feelings and everything else associated with them. But in order to control them, we must understand them just like you understand that the gun is a toy and not a real one. Your primitive part of the brain is not able to explain the cause of your emotions, that job is for your prefrontal cortex aka the advanced side of our brain.

The problem here is that since emotions are first experienced and then afterwords being understood and contextualised.

Hundred years ago neuroscience was not even a field. Only recently we’ve been able to go through crazy paradigm shifts that can really redesign how we look at ourselves in a way that’s much more fulfilling and much more aligned with reality. So at first you experience at your emotions and then you become aware or them. There is nothing that tells us this, there is no instinct, there are no programs that tell us this process and how it works. It’s only recently through neuroscience we begin to understand why for an example up for feeling a particular way such as anger towards yourself does not make sense. Many of us often times feel angry for feeling a certain way, feeling anger towards not succeeding in something like a marathon run despite practising for years and not getting a promotion even though you were working really hard. This is because we don’t understand what’s actually happening in our brain. We experience emotions before we’re able to process them and decide whether it’s justified or not. This idea makes you be aware of this and not beat yourself up for something that’s not worth it simply because we’re built to feel such emotions, but we don’t have to identify ourselves with them.

Your emotions just are. Being able to understand that fully will change your life completely.

I advise all of you to work out and eat healthy. It’s not just because of looking good and living longer. Good quality food is essential for your advanced part of the brain to work more efficiently and exercise will also make you more attached to it. It’s not just being fit and living longer, it’s about your brain power as well.

This is just a snippet from the world of neuroscience. If you’d like to see a part two, let me know.

Or, find the full story here:

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