The Truth About Laziness

First of all, let me tell you this one very important thing that I used to have major troubles with. Nothing good ever comes from cheating or by misrepresenting yourself. Now this might seem something like a “feel good” thing to say, like something people who are unable to make it say in order to make themselves feel better, but it’s actually quite accurate. Typically, people who swindle things and try to scheme themselves by using shady ways into or onto something or someone, never really achieve what they’re going for.

The reason why it’s like this is that when you scam in your work, whatever it might be (office work, running a marathon, attracting a girl etc.), it completely stops the process of becoming a mature adult. Stop and consider that we live in a society that has been evolving for thousands of years, and right now is the best we have been able to reach for.


People call this a recession, but it’s still the best that it has ever been. So, if you can’t succeed in this situation, then you really suck. And yet, the majority of people do not have the ability to climb up. That’s because they’re lazy and they want to take the easy way out. The reason lazy people don’t win is because they have to lie to themselves to preserve the behaviour. They have to literally lie to themselves and not let that ego be shattered. This is fundamentally an addiction to this chilled out state where you don’t have to think too hard.

I have watched brilliant people get overwhelmed by laziness and really ruin themselves over it. I’ve seen guys who have worked really hard for a number of years and then at one point just drop it all and then rationalize:

“You know, I think I’m just at a certain point where I’m just not down for this anymore.”

Most people are handicapped so severely by laziness and wanting free handouts, it’s crazy. I believe laziness in general ruins people’s lives. It really does.

Human beings have within them the desire to minimize time and effort, but maximise the outcome, the reward. We tend to have a dream where we don’t do anything and just get paid. For nothing. It seems to be a grand desire for sooo many of us. We have a dream where we take a pill and suddenly become super fit. What’s funny is that people who I’m talking about here, the ones that do all this dumb shit, really believe the stuff that they do is right. They actually think the shit they’re doing is cool. They either do not know any better or simply lie to themselves.

I’ve seen guys that don’t put the work in create bizarre stories about things that are holding them back. And they believe them. Truly. You can put them under a lie dedector test and they would pass it.

“I’m being held back! My mother does not give me enough money to start a gym! My government does not care enough about me to pay me the money I deserve!”

Dude…what the fuck?

Here’s the bottom line. In life there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way. So if you’re trying to get jacked in the gym, then you can take steroids and mess up your body and your hormones or you can do it the slow way and build a body that’s actually healthy and strong and supports you throughout the day.

“I’m just too tired for that. I don’t wanna do that.”

Yea, fine, but you’re going to turn stupid though. That’s it. By not expanding your comfort zone and doing the things that you know you can do over and over again will not expand your brain, your body, your thinking process nor your life. You may not like pushing it to the limit, the edge, but by the time you’re 45, you’re going to be one of those idiots that people like me can’t talk to. And believe me, once you have gone through the rationalizations of why you’re lazy and done so for a long period of time, you’re gone.

I can promise you – anything you want to do, you can do it, but you have to like the small victories. You’re not going to win right away. Be happy that you got up and made a start. Now tomorrow, you’re going to build on that first block that you laid the day before.

A big part of happiness is about who you become as a person. 

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