How To Become a Ice Cold Pimp

Or, using a more socially appropriate title…

The Idea Of Having A Strong Sense of Reality

Human beings are conditioned to ping off from our environment to see what the reality is, to learn what’s normal. You can travel into India and see people wearing those funny looking turbans on their head. What would happen if you went to Cambridge and people saw you walking around with a big towel on your head? Kinda weird, right. There are countries in which you’d have to let your beard grow. In some countries women are not even allowed to show their knees. The fact that a girl has a short-sleeved shirt on, men in those countries would go crazy over this. They’d be all angry, because they have a different culture. That’s what we call cultural conditioning, which varies from country to country. We’re all different in our experiences and conditioning, yet we function by the same book. Our brains work alike. We systematise new information, we learn from authorities and we aspire to be as good, rich and fit as we’ve seen people be.


Humans are always looking to see what the culture is to determine our sense of reality, or to even have a sense of reality. As we are young, our sense of reality is weak and it will get stronger as we get older. Our reality is being shaped and at one point it’s so rock solid that changing it into something else despite taking right or wrong into account will be almost impossible. You might get stuck with a bad habit and the longer you’re living with it the stronger it gets just like a parasite that’s feeding off you. For some it might be junk food, for some it might be just sugary foods and sweets, or smoking, drinking, drugs or anything else in-between and beyond.

Most people look to other in order to define themselves. They look for social feedback. Just look at Facebook where people be posting all kinds of photos wondering if others like it and then defining their own beauty, coolness and such from feedback. If we get more likes than we usually get on our new profile picture, we’ll feel like we’ve been improving and therefore are more appealing than before. If we get less likes than we used to get, we’ll get this sinking feeling like we’re losing a race of some sort. If others don’t think we’re cool then we don’t think we’re cool. If others think we’re cool then we think we’re cool. Really interesting. We are looking for other people to tell us who we are.


In game, in dating or whatever the fuck you want to call it, girls will give you shit even when you don’t deserve it. They call you ugly, boring, poorly dressed, retarded and so on. Now, they are not doing it because they firmly believe you to be in that specific category, No, not at all. Girls do that to test you, to see whether you react to their bullshit and try to defend yourself, or are you sure about yourself, know who you are and every single bad word about you won’t even scratch the surface of your self-confidence. In dating, the guy that get’s laid like a motherfucker is the guy that knows exactly who he is and does not let others define him. So when girls be laughing at him, he’ll just put his arms behind his head, sit back, relax, and think with a big smile: “Here we go again, If they only knew how awesome I am.” Keep in mind that this has to be sincere and coming from a positive place, since negativity will kill the vibe.

A guy who’s a professional in the field of dating will define himself, is not looking for feedback unless it’s coming from a reliable source and is constructive and would help him grow. A guy like that is easy-going and enjoys life despite what the peer group says.

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