Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself

Becoming the greatest version of yourself. What does it actually take?

A guy asked me this question recently. The thing is that the greatest version of yourself can only exist in the present. Becoming the greatest version of yourself is impossible since there is simply no limit to where we can our bodies, minds and everything else in between actually take. The best version of yourself could be anything, so a better question would be to ask yourself where do you want to see yourself, and then start working towards that specific goal.

This topic is really interesting because we always seem to think that there’s that light at the end of the tunnel. In reality, there is no light. In fact, if you want to get really philosophical on me, at the end of the tunnel there’s death. So, why would you work your entire life to reach that light? Why in the hell would you devote your time worrying about how to get there faster?

Now, if you’re saying that the light that I was just talking about before to you represents not death, but a goal, and let’s say that goal is the strongest version of yourself, then let me ask you this…

What is the strongest version of yourself?

Even if you reach that potential goal you set out to achieve, would there only be downhill from the next day? If not, then on the next day you’d be better than yesterday. Therefore, making tomorrow your strongest version of yourself. In life there is never decline, there’s just a road filled with wins, losses and most of all – experiences. Not good or bad, but experiences that just are. There is no need to label them. They are just there.

All we have to do is to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Whether it’s becoming stronger than before or going on a self-loathing trip…that’s entirely up to you.

Now that’s an encouraging thought.

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