Magnetic Attraction

Social conditioning tells us a lot of different things, from which a lot of is really good and useful for our everyday life. It gives us community values, knowledge without having to experience every little thing ourselves such as jumping of cliffs will cause death and so forth. Thanks to social conditioning we have no need to experience everything firsthand. The way we, humans, get new knowledge really fast is thanks to social conditioning.

In any social interaction, there’s one person who’s reacting more to the other person. Our conscious minds are looking to see who’s more sure of themselves, and the person who wins this battle will be rewarded with other’s attention. The person who’s more confident in himself, in his speaking skills or whatever it might be, will have more attention from women. You can call this guy the alpha male. The stuff that he says, does or thinks does not have to make sense, it does not have to be logically nor politically correct. The only criteria is that the guy must feel more confident than any other guy the girl has met in the last few hours, and what it does is that it sparks attraction almost immediately.

The more reactive guy will always lose the girl to the guy that’s less reactive, because being less reactive shows that you’re not intimidated by the situation. The guy that’s more intimidated is, in the eyes of a girl, much lower value and would probably not handle life as well as the guy who’s able to handle adversity. 

Now, it’s still okay to put people in their place whenever you feel like it, but it’s really important to add an element of comedy in it and not take yourself as seriously. The less you care the better off you’ll be. Just look at Jack Nicholson. That’s the perfect mould of an alpha male.

The more someone tries to put you down in front of a girl whereas you stay calm and unreactive, the more she’ll want you.

In evolution, women have always gravitated towards the man who can get things done, that is able to provide and protect whenever needed, which can be seen in the guy’s character. One way of projecting these character traits is to actually be a millionaire, physically overpowering every other guy around you or have every single person on earth worship you, which is something that many movie stars have.


Being the superior man through external values is most definitely not needed, since women are attracted to the guy that has those character traits that I talked about before and not to the guy who makes himself look like that alpha male, yet does not have it figured out deep down inside himself. Therefore, the guy that reacts more is seen as lower value. Pussy has been a valuable currency for a very long time and even the “normal”, not very good-looking yet still okay girls will not give themselves to the guy that appears to be mentally weaker. Even if they look like shit, they’ll know that getting sex is not really difficult for a girl, so they’ll still go for the more appealing man. And the more appealing man is not the one that has it externally figured out, but it’s the guy that has internal values. There are golddiggers, sure, but at the end of the day every single golddigging bitch would surrender to romance. We think we want money but what we actually want are emotions. Money can provide girls with emotions, but the real romance is almost priceless, since it requires a guy who can spark attraction within a girl without having the need to use luxury objects such as penthouses, cars, villas or suits from Hugo Boss.

Inner values beat external values, romance beats money.

External values act as a signal that maybe, since that guy has it figured out financially or physically, then maybe he’s also a cool guy deep down. External values help, but are most certainly not needed to find women beyond your dreams. Only when golddiggers cannot see your value as a man, they’ll go for your wallet. Really simple.

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