The Fastest, Most Healthy and Enjoyable Way to Lose Weight

“” is strongly about bettering yourself as a person, helping people create strong minds that can adapt to any situation with ease, adding yourself into the group of highly successful and inspirational people, leaving a legacy no matter which field you choose to conquer and loving every single minute of which we’re alive. Also, every single topic in this webpage is making you better with women. These are the massive goals of which you, the reader, in order to create an awesome and truly enjoyable life should really move towards. Big accomplishments however start with small steps. One of these is improving your health by being fit and active. Needless to say, weight loss is a big part of that. If not for you, then consider yourself to have an advantage since this is something that sooo many of us struggle with and only a few master. If your goal is to look good, have a healthy body and to lose the fat you’ve accumulated over the years, then you’ve come to the right place. This is what today’s post is going to focus on — The fastest, most healthy and enjoyable way to lose weight.

I’ve been close to being over overweight for almost all my life(here’s my instagram), from which for some I even was. Could you imagine being fat as hell in late elementary and in the entire high-school? If not, then let me put it to you this way — It’s hell! The years that you should have the most fun in, be extremely active, socialize with friends and enjoy freedom were an absolute hell for me. Although there were also some other reasons why those years were terrible, being fat was a big part of that disaster. When I was 17, I decided to start working out and get buff, gain lots of muscle and look the biggest. Needless to say that period went by fast, since guys with the skinny Justin Bieber-like body were the hottest in my school. At least that’s how I saw things, I had completely no idea about female psychology and why girls were actually attracted to those types of guys. My decision back then was simple — to lose as much fat as possible. I tried strict diets that did not allow me to enjoy food such as no protein, no carbohydrates and so on. After trying those different diets for a while I realised something important — cutting macro nutrients completely out of my diet was only making things worse since I felt terrible pretty much at all times. There are some food that you should always stay away from such as pizza and chips, but you should never cut out a macro nutrient. Sadly, this is what most of the diets purely focus on. I did lose some weight by trying those out, but it was never enjoyable and on top of daily anxiety, fear of socializing and being fat I also had developed an eating disorder.


The thing that really switched my gears and was the foundation of where I am now was not a diet. It helped me go from 88kg to 59kg in a short period of time and mark my words — it’s not a diet. It’s a style of eating. It’s a way of scheduling your meals so that you get the most out of them. It’s called intermittent fasting. I have been using this method for 3 years now and it’s one of my greatest discoveries.

Intermittent fasting is all about creating an eating window for yourself during which you can eat pretty much anything. This window is customised to each person, but I’ll give you an idea on how it looks like. For 18–20 hours every single day I’m not having anything, not even a small snack. This means after I wake up, I’m not eating nor drinking anything with calories in it untill my eating window starts. That’s called the fasting period. The time during which I’m allowed to eat is 4–6 hours every single day depending on my mood. Drinking water(no juices, energy drinks etc. just water) however is crucial and can be done at any time. The easy way to look at this is skipping breakfast and moving lunch a couple of hours closer to dinner. So let’s say if you choose the 6 hour eating window, then you would be allowed to eat from 3pm to 9pm. The idea is to have a long period every single day on which you’re not eating anything and the body can fuel itself from excess fat.

Let’s talk about food. What can you eat? Well…pretty much anything. Be smart about it and choose the types of foods that are good for you although eating three donuts every single day as I did back in the day when I first started with IF also works, it just makes you feel bad because your body does not have healthy nutrients. At the end of the day it’s all about staying in a caloric deficit which IF helps with tremendously since you just don’t have time to overeat during your eating window and also adds some other benefits that I will get into shortly!

How is this possible? Isn’t skipping breakfast bad for you? Why would anyone fast for 16 hours every day? What are the benefits? Is there any science behind this or are you just crazy? Is it dangerous?

I’ve seen intermittent fasting work for a ton of people starting from fitness models to stay-at-home moms. When you eat food, your body converts that food into glycogen, which it will use for energy. When you do fasting, then your glycogen levels will get depleted. When your glycogen levels are depleted, it’s going to run off your fat cells. That’s what the fat is for. So what IF does is it gives your body a reason to use your fat cells as energy. During your fast insulin levels will drop and your growth hormone levels will rise. That puts your body into prime fat burning mode. Your body will run of fat cells because it has no glycogen available.

I’ve had personal trainers that all use this method and it works like a charm. There are many scientists that say skipping breakfast is bad for you and so on, but here’s the thing. There is TONS of outdated information out there and most of which is not even relevant anymore. So before you start criticising this method and demonizing the fitness gurus who use it, please…try it out for yourself and see, how you feel. Intermittent fasting mixed with a great healthy enjoyable diet will improve your life in so many ways and will get you the body others only dream of.

In conclusion: Eat what you want, feel better while doing it and lose weight at the same time. Just skip breakfast and eat lunch a bit later.

Still not convinced? Would you like to hear the same from guys who are a bit more qualified than me to be teaching this? These guys are my favourite:

Brandon Carter

Greg O’Gallagher

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