Your Life Without Books

Few weeks ago it felt like a good idea to order 200£ worth of books from Amazon to arrive on my doorstep. Today, this anticipated day is finally here and guess what — I have not a single regret other than I should have bought more. Back when I was still a kid, I absolutely hated books and reading in general. It felt like such a waste of time and the most boring activity I could ever pick. I did not see the true value behind books and other mind filling literature. Today, I’m reading like a maniac, listening to audiobooks, watching educational videos and rethinking my whole life every single day! Reading is one of my most favourite activities. Here are a couple of reasons that I believe to be the most important ones to pick up a book in the first place. Also just for the sake of it here are my suggestions on how to read. You ask the truth and I deliver.

1.Read at least 30 minutes of a book every single day. This action has more positive sides than it might look like at first. Reading will unchain your mind for the whole day. What I mean by that is it makes you see your daily activities and people from a different, more wiser perspective and helps you to make smarter decisions in every aspect. To me it’s a form of meditation. 30 minutes of reading every day keeps the judgemental idiot within us away.

2.Do not judge a book by its cover meaning to not have any negative preconceptions before you actually AT LEAST scan the book yourself. Doesn’t matter who the author is, what he has done, is he sitting in prison, is he a child molester — does not matter. If you’re quick to judge, then you’re just acting stupid. Every single book, every single person and every single situation has something to teach us. Actually this concept applies to all aspects of life. Use it or be prepared to live the life of a failure. Simple as that.

3.Reading different kind of books and reading lots of them will give you the benefit of havingvirtual mentors such as Ghandi for your spiritual life, Warren Buffet for your financial situation and Brandon Carter for your physical health. Imagine — if you had the most brightest minds of the whole world, even the ones who are dead by the time you’re reading this as a personal mentor for yourself, what could you do? Achieve financial freedom? Be a fitness model? Attract thousands of girls/guys on a daily basis and have absolute abundance when it comes to dating? Feel happy in every single situation regardless of the outcome? Yes! This is just glimpse of what could be done.

4. Your vocabulary increases. You look smarter, feel smarter and do more smarter things! Do I even need to say more?

“A book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, fastened together to hinge at one side.” This is the definition of Wikipedia. My definition however is much more useful –

Books are a set of wisdom portrayed on a piece of paper.

If you’re not reading anything in particular just yet, keep this article in mind. If you ever want to reach the high life, then life what everyone only dreams of, but never achieves, then make the change, read more, learn more, know how the human mind works and apply it to your endeavour. It’s an investment of a lifetime.

It’s extremely important to realize that we do not need to agree with everything that’s written inside the book. For an example some of the greatest minds of all time have been religious and believed in god. This does not mean you should too. Their content exists merely to provide value to us by making us think and applying their main principles in our own lives. The fact that an author refers to god in every chapter of his book does not make his teachings any less true. Take what applies to you, whether it will be more or less since most of the books do not accost us entirely, and when your time comes, give something back (6th rule of Arnold).

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