The “Cinderella Syndrome”

What I want to share with you today is a quick tip when it comes to seeking validation from women. I always find it funny when I see guys night after night going out, thinking they’re practising pickup, but in reality are just looking for those good reactions from girls. They’re not in it to win it, rather procrastinating and getting small victories such as the girl smiling back at them, not telling him to fuck off and mind your own business… those types of reactions. Long story short – guys like this are looking for girl’s approval, for girls to give them their blessing so to say.

“Am I good enough?”

“Are you entertained?”

“Do I deserve you?”

If these types of questions go through your mind, then you’ve already lost the girl , especially if she’s really fucking hot. Any type of mental weakness will not be tolerated.

As long as you’re trying to sell yourself to the girl, as long as you’re coming from the seller’s mindset, you’ll lose over and over and over again. 

Coming from a seller’s mindset will automatically set the girl you’re trying to seduce on a pedestal.

First of all, let me ask you this. Who are these perfect, wonderful and, in your eyes of course, simply amazing women? Who is this perfect model-like 10/10? Is she a majestic goddess? In almost every single case – No.

I’ll share with you a quick story. There was this girl I knew who lived quite close to me. Naturally, given the close proximity, we met eventually and also hooked up. And this girl, keep in mind, is a perfect fucking woman. Everything that you can imagine – triple that and you’ll have her. A real dream girl. She would go out and guy would buy her drinks, clothes, flowers, basically anything she desired. Like in that movie “There’s Something About Sally”, she was annoyingly unstoppable. If a girl like this said to a guy that she like him, then that guy would not need anything else in the world for the next few weeks. For real! This girl was a killer.

If you look behind the scenes, then it’s never quite what it seems. I remember the first time I visited her apartment where she lived together with her flatmate. Now, you’d picture the place where she lives as something really amazing, but in realty her room is this:

You walk in and the only thing there is a blow up mattress with a hole in it. There are not even any sheets, just a secondhand blanket. Keep in mind that this is the room of a girl that makes it look like she has the life of a Hollywood superstar. Dirty blow up matress with a little secondhand blanket. Are you even fucking reading this? You look on the walls – nothing. In a corner she had her clothes all in this one big black plastic garbage bag., there’s like a closet that’s open, absolutely nothing on the shelves.

This is it.

Then there’s a laptop on her mattress where she spends all her days uploading hourly selfies, scrolling on Facebook, listening to music and so forth. Pretty much just a life filled with one act – seeking validation. So the guys that would die to get her approval do not even see the reality, that she’s just another girl, not a goddess, not a special little snowflake, but just a fucking ordinary human being. As long as guys don’t treat her as such, they’ll have little to no chance, taking some occasional horny outbursts and tons of luck into account, of getting her into bed. A girl like this spends all her life getting guy’s approval. Posting selfies on Facebook over ten times a day, listening to songs non-stop to get that external stimulus, that small kick to stimulate herself…it’s really nothing to write home about.

Now that you know what most of these girl’s lives really look like, stop and think about this for a second. Why would you care what someone like her thinks of you? I’m not saying her life is trash, not at all. I’m simply shedding some light on her situation to show you how even the hottest girls are really just another girl in this grand pool of women in the world. As long as all women keep being human, those special snowflakes that are never dirty, don’t make mistakes and are perfect in every way, do not exist.

Now…why would you give a shit about what some other flawed individual with her own problems that are most likely nothing special and not even so much different from your own, thinks of you? It’s all just an illusion.

Start creating your own self concept. Who cares what someone thinks of you. Really. Be the master of your own reality, value your life on your own terms. Base your self-confidence on who you are as a person and not on something that a random bimbo at the club tells you. Always listen to feedback, especially if it’s constructive, but always be making your own assumptions. Oh, and also try to be sober when you do it 😉

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