How To Develop Core Principles By Having Faith

The excuses we make in order to feel better about our life situation are absolutely insane. The things we tell ourselves are extremely insane and totally stupid. Any person who has common sense will be able to see through our own bullshit stories and see us for what we truly are. The people whose opinion matters and who have the power to influence us and our whole life in general are those, who fight with their own personal demons every single day and realize what it takes to be at the position where they’re at now. Those kind of people realize that our own bullshit stories about what why cannot get to the level and achieve the things we want are purely from our own imagination, they’re self-created just to keep us from exposing us to different and difficult situations. Our bodies have a way of not seeing the reward that comes in the end, they only see the struggle. So as you see, it’s not really that weird of you think about it, the feeling of resistance such as fear, anxiety, rationalisation finally make sense. Our body, for most of us even the mind finds it extremely hard to see the reward that comes by pushing yourself even if you know how much hard work is actually worth. All that your body sees is you hurting yourself in the gym by doing the exercises that require strength, it does not see the reward that comes with it, it sees the pain only. Our bodies do not see into future, they only experience the present. You could be on your way to something great, such as setting up a new super power business such as SpaceX or Paypal, yet the body does not have a clue about what’s going t happen in result of all this work you’ve been putting in. It’s much like dealing with a young child, unable to vision themselves elsewhere and with a small brain capacity. This is why it’s extremely essential for us to train our minds to endure the pain of working hard, because our body will resist nonetheless. Mind will always control the body and this is why we need it on our side.

We all know that if we work hard, we will get to another level, but most of us do not understand this concept. If they did, they would act on it. Knowing is not enough, understanding the way of life however is essential in order to reach the levels you want to experience and live the life you’ve always wanted. Train your mind by training your body and endure the tough times. You will develop character, strong principles, will to improve, which makes it easier to endure even more the next time.

We make excuses every single day. Not just to others, but to ourselves. We create stories that are supposed to explain why we’re not taking action and living the life we want to live simply because taking the responsibility for our own life and taking action by working hard to achieve that seems difficult. Our mind and body cannot see the reward as I just explained before. The way how to beat this resistance is simply to have strong boundaries, core principles and will to improve. These are however not something a nooby, a beginner would develop right away. In order to take the first step, these will not help, since they do nit exist yet. For the beginner there is only one thing that will give him or her the final push to take the road of the good life. That one thing is faith. As Greg Plitt would say:

“You must believe before you physically even start it.”

Faith holds a big part on the road to success. We cannot know what the future holds for us, since it has not happened. It’s impossible to see into the future. There is a saying that goes like this:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

– Jim Rohn

We can only predict it by looking at the people we hang out with and see what we’re going to be alike in few years if we continue to socialize with them and so on, but we cannot entirely know what will happen. It’s simply impossible. Since we cannot see the rewards we’re going to receive for working on and pushing ourselves, then there is only one thing left for us to do — have faith.

Trust the process.

Take the risk.

Believe it will work out if you put all your time and energy into it. Afterall, that’s all we can do. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it. Warren Buffet did the same. Winston Churchill as well. Every single great person has done this. Put all your energy into the place you want to excel, succeed, be amazing at and have faith that it will work out. As humans, there is no other secret. This is the formula for success. Really simple to learn, but hard to understand. Once you do, your life will never be the same again. You’ll be on the road to something magical. How does it sound, eh? Worth the risk? Worth the struggle? Worth having faith in?

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