Should You Break Up?

The amount of relationship problems is insane, since the pool of it is so grand. As a dating coach, there are at least two people every single day who message me saying they need help, boyfriend or girlfriend not being supportive and acting as a negative influence above all. This is such a common problem amongst all people of all countries simply because there’s a lack of right education on this subject.

There are very few people who understand the dynamics of male and female energy and how these two things complement each other. To all of you who are experiencing problems with the opposite sex, either finding a parter or struggling to keep one and anything that’s revolving around this, I’ll share with you my own experience with relationships since that’s all what I’m ever able to do here. Anything that comes from a book or someone else or some celestial idea does not have the grounding of being able to work for the person who’s sharing the idea. Own experience is king.

My first strong relationship was really great with the exception of a grand problem that eventually poisoned our bond. This mere mistake was that I was not upfront with the girl I was with from the very moment I started seeing her. As a pickup coach, the guy who’s devoting hours of my time every single day into learning the ways of being able to sleep with as many different high quality women as possible, acquiring information through books and video programs is in no shape or form enough. The guy who wants to call himself a professional, also needs to live the life he’s projecting on others.

Talk is cheap.

Action is everything.

Since being in a committed relationship it came to my attention that one should not go around and have sex with other people. It’s simply not the traditional way. So I quit going out, I quit flirting all together and became fully devoted on my girlfriend. Since picking up women was the thing I loved to do the most in my entire life, not being able to practise that and setting limitations on my dreams and desires began poisoning me. I started going out once again, slowly in the beginning, flirting with women, getting sexual and kissing them, although not going for sex. There was a distinction with my congruence. My thoughts, words and actions were not all out for the same purpose as they usually should be.

When your thoughts, words and actions don’t go together, then you’ll have a serious identity crisis at your hands.

One should always be very clear about his or her purpose. One needs to find out what his or her purpose in life could be. It does not have to be some grand and spiritual reason for you to live, the universe does not have to tell you anything. It’s merely a choice that you’ll make. Ask yourself what you want to do in life, what your perfect life would look like and start adjusting your current lifestyle accordingly. It’s not hard. The majority is just too lazy to do it.

For an example, my purpose that I’ve set out for myself is to enjoy my life to the fullest, which to me is becoming the best version of myself and empowering others around me for them to also have a better life just as me. I’m very clear about my purpose. The road I’ve decided to embark on in order to accomplish this, at least for now, is through teaching guys who are in a weak position to be able to become a high value guy and learn the ways of interacting with the opposite sex. In order to do so, I must be a professional. In order to be a professional, I must live the life I’m here to teach. In order to live the life, I must follow my passion and not be in a committed relationship. In my case, monogamy is death, mentally. The man who does not have a purpose or even worse, has one but completely ignores it, has really low value and he himself can feel it at all times. For someone like me, a committed relationship would be sacrificing my own personal enjoyment of life. This is a fact and it’s simply not worth it.

If you’re thinking about breaking up your relationship, then take this next point into account. (for men)

Your partner can either be an anchor or a booster. If your woman’s vision is too small, if you can’t bring her into your own life, onto your own path as a supportive character, if you’re unable to share your world with her without becoming something she wants you to be, then find another woman.

Be clear with your intent, be clear about your purpose. If your partner cannot accept that, then he or she is not right for you.

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