How Does One Choose His Purpose In Life?

How does one choose his purpose in life?


Your purpose can be literally anything. ANYTHING. Yet, there are some life hacks that will give you a better glimpse of how you should go about finding the right path. In case of many successful humans all in the course of our short history, people who have been highly significant in any endeavour, have many times chosen their path for one reason only. It’s been the most difficult, most scary thing they could have imagined doing. So many public speakers are who they are because they’ve struggled years, some even decades, on mastering their voice with one intention in mind – to be heard. Many big Hollywood actors have speech impediment. Ground-breaking scientists have been labeled as stupid by their high school teachers. The list goes on. On top of all that, what is the thing that would make you into the happiest person on entire earth? It would be you losing your worst fear and making it into your strength. Working on your biggest challenge, your biggest obstacle shall be your life’s purpose because it’s the thing that gives you the most pleasure and there’s major leverage, which makes sure that you’d never quit. I’ve been dealing with my speech impediment for my entire fucking life. The very same moment I realised that I was able to speak if I just put effort towards improving my social skills, I was hooked for life. I threw myself into pickup, public speaking and I spoke, oh I spoke non-stop. I’m never as happy as I am when on stage, talking to the prettiest women I’ve seen all day or just hanging out with my bros, being in the centre of the attention all caused by my ability to tell a story and tell it with great power. The obstacle becomes the way, as Ryan Holiday puts it.

It really does. Pick the thing you’re most afraid to be, and be it.


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