What’s Your Purpose In Life

I’ve been talking a lot about the fact how life does not have a specific meaning, how we could literally do anything and get away with it from a certain point of view, seeing the big picture that is. This realisation can be in many ways really eye-opening for sure, but most importantly knowing this fact, tons of pressure created by our society will be lifted off from your shoulders. Since nothing really matters, why would we do anything? Since life has no meaning, there is no point in even trying to keep our society on float. There is no point in contributing to the cause of being human. Why won’t I just simply go on a trip of self-loathing and spoil myself in the biggest way humanly possible?

Great confusion can come from believing that life has no meaning. I’ve elaborated before on another fact that reality is subjective. We see the world we have been learned to see throughout our whole life thanks to all the people we’ve met, some that have influenced us more, some less, all the experiences that hit us while we grow up and also after we’ve began to grow down from an evolutionary point of view, biological, that is. Our reality is subjective. Everything is just how we’ve been taught to see it. If we happen to be quick to judge, then it’s because that’s all we know. It’s a learned behaviour. And a learned behaviour can easily be unlearned. Well, not as easily as one might think, but it is totally doable. I’ve done it to come out of a shitty mind frame or in other words – my personal philosophy that was not supporting my cause as a man who is desperate to find happiness and meaning in life.

Life is meaningless, but only in a bigger picture. If you look at our world as an outsider, then nothing we do or say, everything that happens whether it’s bad or good, has no fucking meaning what so ever. Everything just happens to be. Everything just is.

It. Just. Is.

We give things meaning, both good and bad. We say death is horrific and must be avoidable at all costs. Even though our biology is wired to keep us from it, our brain is the real boss who makes decisions. Yes, our emotions will warn us from danger, but the brain is the real MVP. Brain decides how we react to external happenings. Our brain is the boss, and as bosses go, some are weak and some extremely powerful, destroying completion and whatnot. You could say that someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan were controlled by those excellent brain types that are made to simply dominate and make gold from dirt. They had the mindset of a winner, and there is really no one on earth who has the nerve to even debate this statement. Now, some get lucky through their favourable circumstances, but many of us are born into families that support mediocrity or don’t support us at all. People like this have tremendous leverage, meaning they have more reason than anyone else to make themselves a success story, yet only a few of these people actually give their best effort to even just try.

Our experiences shape us, and once we understand how life and most of all – us, humans, really work, we are able to begin and shape our future while dropping a major part of this element of randomness. There will always be this element of randomness in our lives, since no one is able to control everything and no one probably never will be, yet one is able to diminish its presence by simply being aware of how the world works. The purpose of life might be blank, but the purpose of a specific human being never should be.

So what is it?

It’s what you want it to be. That’s the beauty of it. We’ve been given the power to choose our own destiny no matter the circumstances. One can debate this statement all they want, but the only way this will get you the life you’ve always dreamed of is by you accepting this statement as a hard, cold, solid, unbreakable fact.

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose In Life

  1. vibystrong says:

    Yes there is no “definite” purpose. Also, being older doesn’t make you wiser. In fact, the older you get, your thinking becomes rigid and once you have a set of values you aren’t willing to change it.


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