So you think you’re depressed

So you think you’re sick…


For all of you self-proclaimed “sick” people out there…

There are very few actual mental diseases/dysfunctions that actually exist because of solid reasons. Very fucking few. Most problems that people have are really damn simple to solve.

You either give too many fucks or too little. On top of this, learn to give fucks for the right reasons. Keep in mind that the reasons you think to be right are most likely bullshit.

You’re not “special”. You don’t have any psychological diseases that keep you from being happy. You’re not broken. You just don’t have the right answer yet.

What is considered to be a phony disease? Almost anything that people have come out from without the need of doctors, medication or anything else regarding such treatments. Depression, for instance, is a common one. Anything that can be cured through our inner power needs no external stimulus. Due to being an unpopular kid throughout my schoolyears I found myself socialising with other kids who were not so lucky with their situation in terms of popularity. Yes, I was friends with the most broken and dysfunctional kids in my school. I was able to relate to them, which says a lot about my background. As I went on in life, acquired knowledge on this subject and learned to cure myself from a disease that did not exist (yes, I experienced severe depression), the more and more I realized how much of a joke this disease, or should I say dis-ease, really is.

We think life is tough. We think life is meant to be fought against. We think life is evil and tries to harm us. Sure, in many ways it’s completely true, but this perception is coming from nothing else than just the lack of knowledge. The person who sees the world as evil has never seen its good side, just as the person who only knows the good and sees flowers has not experienced evil. And, there is this concept of seeing the world as you want it to be. Many of us find comfort in believing that the world is evil and that everything is trying to bring us down. It gives us a sense of satisfaction, knowing we’re not responsible since the world is fighting against us anyway, falsely labeling ourselves as that guy who is against violence and who will not fight back no matter the circumstance, yet the only thing we succeed at is hiding our own personal anger and frustration, which is backed by fear and weakness, lack of confidence and self-esteem. Then, we have those people who only see the positive. It’s a powerful perception, since it will let you live in harmony, but not in complete harmony. There will always be something missing, there will always be something they’re avoiding and their “self” will never be complete.

So what’s the best way to go about it?

Really simple. We do not need to force any positive thinking ideas on ourselves, nor do we need to feel hate towards this evil world of ours. None of these answers are correct. Only when we embrace both sides, the good and the evil, we are able to truly connect to our inner self, to develop true confidence and move on in this world as a true wolf. Knowledge is key, and action is turning the key in the optimal direction. Create your own perception about life, and make it into a powerful one that supports your life in the most wonderful way possible. Do not reject feelings. Do not reject anger nor hate. Let them flow through you, and realise how they are a passing thing and also completely normal for a sane human being to feel. There is nothing wrong with our feelings. We are all human after all, and all we need is just a bit of knowledge to know how to optimize our functionality in the world. Once again, embrace both sides of life. Or, do whatever the fuck you feel like doing. It’s a free world no matter where you’re at. They can chain us down, but our mind will always be free. It’s our greatest possession. The mind. Use it to your own advantage.

Whether you feel awesome or shitty, do not label it as good or bad. Emotions just are. Our happiness is determined by the way we react to them. Enjoy the grind, enjoy the pain and embrace chaos that hits us every day of the motherfucking week. Choose your struggle, and then struggle. Then, it stops being a struggle.


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