How To Get An Amazing Idea By Doing NOTHING

It’s hard to come up with an idea that’s great. Believe me, I know this well. If you try to write a book in just few months, then this is a well-known problem for many aspiring writers. Hell,  even for the experienced ones. Whether you have a few bestsellers on the market or you’re just thinking about starting your first book, this situation still comes up from time to time. We can’t be „on“ every day. As humans, we’re bound to have some „off“ days. This is not a bad thing, since without them we would not appreciate the good days as much as we do. If there was no bad then after some time „good“ would divide into two categories – very good and just good. „Just good“ will become the new „bad“ and „very good“ will be the regular „good.“ Down days are inevitable.

How can we feel happy all the time, if we’re bound to experience these depressing times as well? Simple. Just let go. Have no expectations for yourself, but still give your everything into every endeavour. Understand that we do not need to have all these expensive things such as fancy cars, enormous houses, clothes and even a partner. Happiness is our default state, society just tells us to buy their products for the sake of marketing and making some money. We’re simply brainwashed into thinking that we’re not happy and need to buy something in order to feel happy. We do not need any of these to be happy, we should want them just because they make our lives even greater. If you have a goal in mind, an idea for your upcoming life that’s so grand that you can’t do anything else but to wait for the future, then you’re going to miss all the great times that you could have every single day if you just stopped to look for them. Every single moment we experience is amazing. We just have to realize this. This is just a glimpse of a grand idea that I have explained to the core in my other post.

My other post on how to find true happiness


A smooth sea has never made a skilled sailor.


How to get ideas?

There are so many ways to get inspired nowadays. Jogging, walking, medidation…all of these work extremely well. And now is the moment where I’m supposed to offer you my unique idea. Here it comes…


Wait for it. Simply just wait for the ideas. Despite what people think, good ideas do grow on trees. We are these trees. All we have to do is to wait for them to develop. This is done by just going on with your day, offering your mind some fuel like books, good nutrition, exercise… Everything like this will improve your thinking and act as seeds for good ideas. Enjoy all the moments life throws at us and just let go of all the everyday bullshit. Life is a gift, not a chore. As long as we do not understand this concept, the ideas we search for are quite hard to come by. A grand idea does not come by force.


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