You can be CRAZY and still get LAID

I have this friend of mine, that is slightly autistic and has major issues when talking to not just girls, but people in general. Therefore, his “game” so to say is extremely unorthodox because the topics this guy tends to talk about, the remarks he makes daily and the things he thinks about when eating out and socializing in general are completely off the chart!

This guy is the definition of “WTF did you just say?!”

Now, this guy has a girlfriend. This very same guy has een attracting women for years now, despite his condition. Imagine being on a date and talking about how much you love to look at other guy’s asses, trying to fuck a cat, express love for violence… ¬†while being dead serious, if I might add! Imagine how uncomfortable this can be if you’re a girl who agreed to meet this guy for a cup of coffee. But, despite all of this the guy is getting laid left and right. This guy is very good with women. How can this be, you might ask? How does that shit work? Why would anybody want to associate themselves with this maniac?

The answer is simple.


Feminine energy is designed to follow whereas masculine energy is designed to lead. Even if the leader is out of his fucking mind, the feminine side will follow simply because that’s what she’s meant to be doing. I’m not even fucking exaggerating. Now of course there are things such as common sense and using your brain, but the limits are not clear and can be bent easily, just as this guy is doing. It’s most definitely not a valid strategy to talk about your deepest fucked up experiences on a first date, but this just goes to show you what’s actually possible in this crazy world of ours. The guy that I talked about is a fucking master. He could talk about almost anything and make it work.

In a perfect scenario we’re supposed to balance our emotions and thoughts to reach the perfect balance. However, humans make mistakes. I’m a human. You’re a human. Therefore, shit happens.

Girls fall for guys that own their reality without being apologetic for it.


Here’s the full story of how to master dating and through that LIFE in general.

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