Happiness Through Uncertainty

The more I realize how little everything in life actually matters, the happier I am doing the things that do matter.


The things that matter for me.


I set my own goals, towards which I work really hard. Whether they happen or not, who gives a fuck. I’m doing something that I love and I do it every single day. On a grand level, nothing really matters, but it’s important to have something to live for, to have things that do matter for you. Realize that you don’t need them in any shape or form, but you do need to work towards those dreams to live a cool, interesting and happy life. This is real freedom right here.


Enjoy it while it lasts with all ups and downs. 🙂


I remember all the crushes I’ve had in my life. Back in the old days before embarking on the journey of pickup, every girl who I saw and who spoke to me was a potential serious girlfriend or wife. I spent months on fantasizing about different girls I saw during the time I was in school. Back then I did not realize I had nothing to lose since I was in the bottom of all shit pits, I thought I had so much leverage, so much to lose and did not dare to take any steps towards getting experiences with girls since it felt like putting a knife on my throat and killing myself. This is the honest truth about my early years before I turned nineteen.

I grew up somewhere around the time when Neil Strauss, an American author, published an extremely successful book called The Game, which brought all pua lairs and their principles to the surface. I had heard of this book when I came out, but I did not care enough to pick it up and learn the ways of a superior man, a man who knows how to handle women. In fact, I did not care for books or learning at all. Looking back now I wish I had read not even books on how to attract women, but just about anything that was related to self-help, much sooner.

I read the book called The Game first time in 2015. Back then I was already a small time pickup coach and had crazy success with women and dating in general. After finishing this book I was amazed at how I already knew all of the tactics and styles that we’re described with such enthusiasm by Mr. Strauss himself. This came to me as a surprise since I did not know my level untill I saw the perspective of my fellow “co-workers”. It was the breaking point. I knew I have so much to share on this subject, therefore I began to write the very same book you’re holding in your hands right now.

By the time 2016 was upon us I finally reached the level of what I like to call a master of the craft. Now I’m able to look at pretty much any social interaction that’s happening around me in a gym, a restaurant or just on a random street whether it’s between men or women and say with a certainty what emotions are in play, which side has higher value and who is playing who. By looking at couples I’m able to tell whether their marriage is happy or not, can point out the cause of why is it so and what could be done to fix it. These are just some skills that I’ve developed over the years of practising the art of having sex with many, both racially and personality wise, different and high quality women.

I don’t exactly remember when I started reading theory and learning about the ways of the game. However, what I do know is my current level in this field and what I’m able to accomplish. The fact that I can get a new girl to sleep with me either by using online dating services or just going out and pick up a girl or even several girls in the same night is unbelievably amazing. The kind of results like sleeping with 20 different women in one month, sometimes even more, sometimes less depending on my current life goals and mood swings- these put me into the small group of professional pickup artists, the people who have mastered a certain level of social dynamics, who know how to get laid anywhere as anyone and continue to discover new wisdom on the subject of seduction. I have deep faith in sharing my knowledge and therefore I believe in the value I’m offering. I know what creates attraction and I know how to teach guys to understand the same principles and techniques that I’ve come to know in these years as a so-called player, a professional pickup artist.

It was my belief that I’ll get a girlfriend once things in my life get better. So I waited. This is how I spent the first 17 years of my life. My ambition was to be a good little boy, do what everybody, especially my parents and my teachers tell me, do what I’m told, and once I have a well paying job, a house, a car and a nice and healthy body with six pack abs, then I can find a girlfriend. Then I can finally start doing all the things that I want to do. Luckily I was snapped out of this state of understanding, of waiting for something better to happen to me and once I’m there, once I’ve taken care of all the problems, then I’ll finally be able to live the kind of life I’d like to have. A person with that belief ends up dieing before I ever achieved that. Stop hoping for a completion of anything in life. If you’re not doing what you want right now, then you probably never will. If you’re not happy right now, then you probably never will be.



For the guy who’s into girls…hey, that could be you! 😉

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