Life Lessons From Paris

I’m in Paris right now, enjoying the morning by chatting with a bunch of people I met last evening for the first time. Yesterday morning however I spent time in London, checking out the culture and the ways of man-to-woman communication as a tourist. This is literally what my life looks like right now, this is what I love doing and will be doing for a long time.

Living the life such as this made me realize something really important. Everything we do is for happiness. We make money to buy things we like so we could feel happy, we go on dates to meet new people and try to make them fall in love with us to feel their love and in result of this again, to feel happy. We read self-help books and blogs to improve our life quality and this is for the same reason – to feel happiness. Everything we do in life is literally for the one same reason – happiness.


I spent my evening in a jazz club listening to some really great musicians that had come all the way from Brazil just to entertain the people of France. They were not paid much, some of them were not even paid at all and yet, they’re still here, doing what they love, playing their instruments and enjoying every single minute of it. They’re not rich, they do not have many grand accolades such as fancy cars, big houses and prestige clothes. Their skill however was more than I could ever give them credit for. I cannot even explain how well those artists performed, my words would be not enough to give you a glimpse of their geniusness.

The people who were listening to the jam were mostly old people, doctors, analytics, people who work in an office. Since I’m a person who can feel the energy and intension of others from a mile away, I can tell you one thing about those people – they had a hard time relaxing and getting sucked into the music literally took them hours. I saw a guy who was dancing while listening to these amazing beats that the artists performed for us. That one dude went crazy and enjoyed those moments to the fullest, the rest of them however looked at the dancing audience member funnily and even had disturbed faces. I’ve seen those faces before. It’s the face of jealousy, fear and social conditioning. That was the moment when I discovered something grand.

The difference between an artist and the audience. The artist is an artist because he wants to be an artist. It’s not something you can force yourself into simply because art does not come from using force. Art comes from the state of power. Force is simply willpower and the desire to push through, which is extremely important every time you decide to pick up something new, go to work, write a book, approach a stranger and so on. But power is understanding and knowing that this is what you’re supposed to be or do, it’s the idea that whatever we choose to do in life, time will pass no matter what, so I might as well be doing this. (Scroll down for the book “Power vs Force”)

The artists that were on the stage in that jazz club yesterday were having the time of their lives, the time that they will never regret having, expressing themselves freely through the music, winning the crowd’s love, having a positive impact on their lives and setting the standard of what a good life really looks like. Does not matter what your life situation is, whether you’re disabled or just in a tough situation financially, the state of life enjoyment is achievable for everyone.

The audience does something they don’t enjoy for most of their lives and then uses the money they earn to rewind and relax somewhere just like this jazz club that I was in, but once they’re there, most of them cannot experience it fully without alcohol because their life is a mess filled with stress, worries and all sorts of problems. There is this weird crippling feeling that won’t let them be free. This is called being unease with life.

The artist sacrifices the expectations that family and society has for her to do the most important thing there is in life – live for yourself and live freely. Sure, you can work for money, but at the end of the day if your work does not make you happy and you’re living for the moments you have off work, then it’s not much of a life now is it? Happiness comes from being totally satisfied with yourself and the life situation you created. If there is a grand aspect in your life that you don’t like such as your work (35% of our time is spent working, the other 65% worrying about it), then achieving happiness is literally impossible. Also, if you’re not satisfied with your life, then enjoying the little things such as the jam I talked about before is extremely hard.


The point of this story is not to encourage you to become an artist. The idea is to pick the life that you want to live, the one that fulfills you. I know how hard it can be to make that change and some of you even don’t know what it could be. Just remember this: At the end of the day the time will pass anyway no matter what you do, so why not make the most of if by doing things that fulfill your deepest desires and make you enjoy every minute spent in our world. The sad thing is that our society does not support the idea of everyone being truly happy, but the ones who figure out that it’s possible to feel this way all the time, will get the full life experience and have an amazing time despite whatever comes in their way.


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