Why Technique Is The Best?

The truth about picking up women…

I want to get one thing straight right now. Women get just as horny as men! They just don’t want to initiative that shit all the time. They want to feel desired, shown some effort for. They want to feel like it was your idea to sleep with them. To give us, men, clues, they have all sorts of tactics that we completely miss. It can be as simple as touching her hair while talking to you or just  giggling. They are normal behaviours, but they come off as sexy. You might be thinking like „ Oh my god, I see this literally every day! It can’t be so easy.“ Yes, it really is. Women usually are interested in a big number of men just like guys, but they need to give you a chance to prove yourself first and they give you clues so that you could approach them. This is why we as men will have to approach to show courage, talk to them to show you’re comfortable with her and lead the way so that she could feel safe with you. These are the things that trigger attraction in women. Being mad at them for not doing any approaches and asking guys out themselves to find a partner is totally wrong. It’s like asking a guy why he does not approach a woman he’s not interested in. The whole concept of dating amongst men is entirely misunderstood. As far as technique goes, well…

There are some tweaks and such for different styles of game, but overall –  a certain technique does not exist. Small behavioural patterns here and there, but it’s far away from having a special technique that will unlock every woman. There is a guy who goes for the women he likes and that is it. You will work on being the best you can be every day and when you meet a woman, you’ll be confident in yourself because you’re improving, smart because you’re learning and will portray yourself, not some fake Bond’ish type fellow. You’ll create your own brand just like entertainment business created Bond. This is what women ultimately want in a guy – someone who is sure of himself. Everything else is circumstantial. You don’t need any pickup lines. You don’t need to study some certain lines to say for girl’s each reaction. Why? If you have the line of what you’re going to say ready in your head, then it will make you seem needy and especially fake. You will lose a portion of confidence and you’ll be just like a machine with no soul.

How to?

Well, that’s easy. 😉


How to notice in a club if a guy is into pickup or not? Just look for guys who just stand there not having fun, that’s like half the pickup community right there. They are quite easy to pick up with your eyes. Those are the guys who are scanning the room looking for potential „prey.“ They are not original and not being part of the vibe, instead they come off as extremely creepy and needy. They have no soul in their interactions. It’s like a machine has learned our language and now is trying to fit in. It might say the right things, but you’ll still see it’s a machine, not a real person just like with seduction the girls are able to spot a cool guy who is sure of himself from the crowd of admirers. A guy who is not thinking about what to say and does not care enough to be liked for not expressing his true personality, is being natural and most likely having fun. He does not care about some fucking opening sentence. No woman ever has told a guy no to sex after they had talked for hours just because he had a bad opening line.

When you’re real with the girl, then you will be successful one way or the other. You either get the girl or she rejects you for being you – that means she would have not liked you anyway. If you feel like you’re not successful because you’re natural state, your „realness“ is not cool, then you need to learn how to bring out the best in your personality, lose the small petty insecurities by either not caring about or just removing them (getting in shape etc.). Most importantly – read about game. Get yourself some self-help books, copy the knowledge into your brain and then apply it in your everyday life. This is what my book is for. To help those who seek it. The point is to get as much information as you can, but to not overthink it, because it leads to getting discouraged.

Number one rule is always taking action. Guys have different personalities, they have different attitudes, movement gestures, facial expressions, color, body sizes, accents and there are pickup artists with all of those different styles. What can we learn from that? Style, looks, status does not matter, taking action and approaching matters. So just jump in and stay on the course. Your mind will take care of the rest, I promise. You can be complaining at home or you can be out there doing it, giving your all and at the same time having the life that will lead to earning extreme value. At the end of the day the women want you to succeed with her. Why wouldn’t they? Why the fuck would women not want to meet a cool guy who shows them a good time and could be a potential partner? There is no why. They all do.


Pickup/game is sharing your personality the best way you can. In result of that you’ll find more than just one woman, who is attracted the you. It’s not about using a secret technique for manipulating girls into liking you. You’ll have losses and you will have victories. Game is about creating options for the victories.

Being labeled as a player is called having options, because I’m a man in his prime.



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