Overqualifing Yourself (quick answer)

When you look too cool or as a someone who has his shit together and you keep mentioning it to the girl, she will most likely feel like she has lower value than you and at that moment she will start to lose respect for herself. That makes her feel ashamed. And when someone is ashamed, the biological reaction is to avoid being close to someone. And that someone is going to be you.

The trick is not to not have your shit together. The trick is to not make her uncomfortable about her insecurities and be non judgemental while remaining awesome and not making a problem about her being lower value. You can even joke around and say you love her imperfection. Since you’re talking to her, you will probably have some interest in her, so it’s not even that close to a lie. This is why it’s called „game.“ It’s not serious. It’s playful and unexpected.


Published by

Johann Rannu

What happens if one extremely motivated guy decides to devote his life to learning the art of seduction and social dynamics? I'm the living example of this. I'm a professional pick-up artist, dating coach, freelance writer, psychology&medical student. So far, my life has been extremely versatile and the experiences I've had and my will to share the knowledge I've learned from them will help any of you to reach success in dating, with your fitness goals and all of life in general. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll happily answer to all of you guys.

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