Don’t Give Up On Relationships




Back when I was on the quest to find a life partner, I stumbled into game. And I loved it. I loved it with all my heart. To me this was like an escape route from my pointless miserable life. Every time I went out I felt like a god for doing something most guys had no courage to even read about without feeling uncomfortable. I felt like I had a reason to live. Now I know, what that feeling was. It was my need to achieve something big. Something others could not do. To me it was picking up girls and learning about dating and the female mind in general. To you it could be anything. You know yourself better than I do. I’m here to offer you a light in this dark world of ours. You just need to place it and start walking to it.




While I was sleeping with different girls pretty much every single day, whether it be morning or night, I met a girl who I was really fond of. I had not felt that before. Not like this. I had my fair share of crushes, but something like this, no. Never. Time passed and we got into a relationship. Despite of that I still felt the need to keep gaming, picking up chicks. So I did. And I was great at it, because I lost the emotional leverage towards those other women. And since I didn’t care about the outcome since I was already in a relationship, those women in bars and clubs found that to be really attractive. Even my friends said I’ve became much more skilled than before.


Living on as a pick up artist made me question the strength of my relationship and put it to a test. I broke up with my girl and then after few weeks got back together again. Three times! I blamed it all on some other stuff such as whether, bad mood, the Nazis and so on. After our last breakup, I finally realised that I don’t need to talk to random women every single day to keep improving my life. I had grown into this life so much that I didn’t know any other way to live. Stopping everything would mean going back to my old life full of pain and misery. At least that’s how it felt from my point of view. Luckily I realised through many meditation sessions that I don’t need pickup. All I need to do is just improve on any other subject of my life such as staying fit, giving speeches or even just reading a lot. All of these things and many more can improve your life tremendously. Pickup is just one of them. The reason it did so many wonders for me was that it was my weakest point in my life and also the hardest thing I ever learned.

To this day I’m still together with my dream girl, the one I broke up with 3 times. Gosh. Despite all that, I needed those experiences. Getting a girl can show you what you’re doing right, but breakups can teach you what you’re doing wrong. The last one will always be more beneficial. We celebrate victories, but learn from failures.


Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about” -Winston Churchill

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