Key Elements Of Being Successful At Dating


„If you have a strong enough frame, you can get away with anything.“ – Mystery


This is pretty much the whole deal. You can literally get away with any craziness, if you truly belive it yourself. This is also the reason why experts always say to be yourself. In my book this is only a deal half done. Sure, you can be yourself, but if you’re a 31-year-old man still living with your parents without any income and overweight, being yourself is not really helping now is it. The truth is – it can work. It really can fucking work. But a guy like that needs some certain traits in order to make it work. First, he has to look himself positively without criticising.

Pretty much any style can work in pickup. Does not matter whether you’re rich or poor, ignorant asshole or a nice guy, someone coming out of a breakup and being broken up about it or someone who is a total player. I can’t even address this enough. It does not really fucking matter. You can even be totally negative about your life and you still get girls, who want to be with you! Although not as often as with other positivity, but you still do.

So what’s the best combination in order to be successful at this? Every method works to an extent, but what’s the best style? What’s the most bulletproof personality to have? From my perspective there is no right answer. There are methods, that work extremely well, some that do not bring that many results, but still work and some, that work only sometimes and with specific type of girls. There is just one rule that applies to all of the methods that exist. Go out. Put in the effort of approaching women. Does not matter what your method is. Just fucking do it. This is by far the most important piece of the puzzle and always will be my number one advice to give.

If you’ve made it clear to yourself, that nothing will happen if you don’t go out and meet women, then you’ve already better than most of the men living on this planet. Now, if you move down to the second level as in what works the best, I can give you two things. Confidence and fun. I’d say they are both about 50-50. If I had to pick just one, it would be fun. Being able to amuse a girl is very important. Does not have to be extremely funny, although it helps. Just keep it interesting.

What is interesting?

Could be anything. For a woman an interesting story is interesting, if you find it interesting yourself. These two together, fun and confidence with going out and giving an effort are and always will be the fundamentals of pickup.



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