Picking Up Women – What Is it Exactly?

A lot of people consider „pick-up game“  or just „pick-up“ in general to be something players do to sleep with as many women possible just because they like sex or they want to have revenge on some girl who dumped them or didn’t go on a date with them in the past. Although this is usually the reason guys get into this, it’s not however why most of them keep doing it. If you’re successful at it, then in my experience there is almost no chance they would stay in their negative mindset. Game changes people. It changes their values. It makes them realize their life calling and gives them the life they’ve always wanted to have. And I’m not just talking about getting lots of sex with different girls or being labeled as a player and „the cool guy“ in their social circle. Game makes people find the road to happiness. From my point of view, it’s more effective than any drug, food, drink or any other consumable object in the world.


In pickup, dating and men-women relations in general, there are a couple of things that you need to realize that are not true. Stuff like society, movies, friends, parents tell you that are just not true. Basically a lot of people have influenced your life and the way you see man to woman relations. What are some of the paradigms that come to your mind? „You gotta look good. You need money. You need to be in shape.“ Stuff like that. These things DO NOT FUCKING MATTER. Now this does not mean that you should not have those things or be like that. No. You should want to have those things for you, to live a better life. But as far as dating goes, they do not matter at all. In music videos, especially rap videos they have those sports cars and they are „making it rain“ and so on. In reality, a guy with no hair, no job, without even a HOME can get a model looking chick. And not just one. That’s not even rocket science. It’s not about learning certain mechanic behaviours. You don’t need to remember endless rules on how to act in every single situation. It’s a simple shift in your mind. Pickup does not teach you to become James Bond or Casanova. It teaches you to become the best version of you. You will be your own brand. And women will love you for it.

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