How To Handle Rejections From Girls

The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.

– John Paul Warren


Guys always ask questions about this topic…

“What is your success rate?”

“What is your percentage?”

“How many girls do I have to talk to before I can get a girlfriend?”

“How many times do you get rejected by a girl?”

These questions might seem like they’re practical and to the point. Actually, they just let the others and especially the masters of pickup know, where you’re at mentally.

Let’s start by defining rejection. Is it when you go say hello to a girl and she turns her back to you? Because you could still tap her on the shoulder and pull the whole situation around. Is rejection talking to a girl and getting a bad reaction? Is rejection asking for a phone number and not getting it? Is calling a girl and her not coming out with you a rejection? Is it not fucking the girl? Because even if you fuck the girl, she might not wanna see you again. Is it not being in a relationship with the girl? Is it not making her fall in love with you? What the fuck is rejection?

Ultimately you will realize that there is no such thing. It does not exist. I could go and talk to a girl who would not pay attention to me, then see her again later that night or even the next night and fuck her. Everything is subjective. Step out of that frame. Pickup is not science. It’s art. You can’t measure it or know the outcome. Once you get good, you can predict the reactions, but it’s never as sure as in let’s say math or chemistry and you sure as hell will never get it all down so you would have a bulletproof method that works every time. There is just one rule you need to know in pickup, and that’s going out and talking to girls. This is the only universal method that works every time. You just gotta be willing to put in the effort.

There are so many elements of randomness in an interaction. You could roll up with the best pick up line and be the most awesome guy in the bar in terms of being purposeful, controlled, confident, and the girl wouldn’t talk to you because she just had a terrible day like someone in her family died or something. Are YOU doing something wrong? No. This is what we call an element of randomness.

The way I see it for myself is that as long as I’m on top of my game and I did everything I could at that moment of time, there is no reason to feel bad. I focus on what’s in my control.


One of the great benefits of doing game is that you will become unreactive to bullshit. Whenever someone is trying to bring you down and make you feel bad, he fails. You will develop this emotional barrier that is pretty much unbreakable. You just don’t get emotionally invested in their insults and just stop caring about what others think about you the better you become at game. This allows you to focus on things that are important in your life like your career, health and such without letting bullshit overwhelm you. It makes you realize what matters in life and keeps you on your course.

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