I Have No Time!

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.  – Bruce Lee


I see this concept of not having enough time to do something constantly on my clients, but particularly amongst my friends. They have goals such as getting fit, making money, reading books, being good with girls etc. And guess what? They say they don’t just have enough time do those things. Some even make valid points about why they are not learning game just like I did. Earning a living, according to some of my friends is taking all their time away. And yet, I see them constantly in Facebook posting totally useless links that exist just for the sake of entertainment such as cat videos. They are right. They do not have the time to be successful, if the time is being used to procrastinate instead.

Saying that you don’t have time is just being untruthful to yourself. It can make a really good excuse, because it seems acceptable on the outside lair of the thought process. But inside you’ll know it’s a lie even if you do not completely understand the concept of it. You will have the itchy feeling regardless of your abilities to understand it. Deep down we all know what we must do. And as always, it’s a lot easier to say than do. Here’s what these excuses sound to me like: “I don’t have time to be successful. because I’m a pussy and need to focus on the areas in my life that are worthless, but give me a short-term satisfaction and a feeling that I’m not completely useless.” Don’t ever say you do not have time to do something in the present of someone smart and successful. You’ll just lose all the respect they had for you right there, at the end of your petty little excuse.

Let’s move on to the technical part of this subject. Sure, some of you might not really have time do practise game as much as some other guy. But every single person on this earth can find twenty minutes at minimum each day to devote themselves on something that will benefit their skill level. In this case, you can practise game on the street while coming home from work. On the bus while driving to your parents birthday party. You can practise game literally in every single place, if there is at least one person you can talk to. Something that I did very early on was gaming every single woman who walked past me in the office, in the gym – anywhere. The outcome does not matter, since it’s always positive when you take action. There is really no excuse for this. Twenty minutes a day is twenty times better than nothing at all.

It’s highly inaccurate to say that we do not have the time to do something. If a TV show is important to you, then you’ll make the time. If reading a book a day is important to you, you’ll make the time. If being successful in seduction is important to you, you will make the fucking time. Let’s make a deal with ourselves and be honest from now on. We can make time if needed. We just don’t want to.


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