Picking Up Women – Is It For You?


Is it worthwhile to go out and practise expressing yourself with women and to practise sticking up conversations with women?


Many guys are afraid to approach women they don’t know. Fear of rejection. Game will destroy your little bullshit stories that you make up for you „being cool for all your life and not needing any practise“ type of shit. Let’s use Bob for an example.

Bob sees a woman she likes right off the bat. He does not know her. But she looks so good that Bob can’t resist to fantasize about her. There is an obstacle tho. Bob does not know the woman nor the woman knows him. In order to meet her Bob needs to go up to her and talk or the woman might disappear forever and he will never see her again. It feels like taking a risk. A big risk. Bob’s mind is filled with insecure thoughts. Maybe the girl does not like me back? What if she laughs at me? Maybe she has a boyfriend? Maybe the boyfriend is spying on her and will kick my ass right after I go talk to her? In the end, it’s all a generalisation of failing your ego. There are two things most of the guys in the world think they excel at – winning a fight and getting the girl. And when the time comes to actually prove it, they get frightened. Maybe they will fail? And when they fail, it feels like they have been lying to themselves for so long. It would just get them depressed because they are realising that they are not that cool, badass guy that they think they are. This is why approaching a stranger always seems like a big risk.

Let’s take a look at what would happen if Bob did not approach that women on the street. The woman would disappear and he would probably never see her again. Seems like the risk is gone, right. Is it really? If Bob does not have the courage to approach, then what is he risking? Staying lonely for the rest of your life. Not progressing as a person. Slowly dying inside. Not taking action. Not building willpower. It really comes down to just willpower. You’re going to have fear in life, always. No matter if it’s talking to a girl, guy, getting a promotion, public speaking, whatever. You will always have fear. Courage does not come from not having fear. Courage comes from acting DESPITE FEAR and destroying it. No matter what you do, you’re always taking a risk. In Bob’s case, it’s either becoming a stronger man through fear and rejection, but having a great reward in the end OR staying the same, not improving and living a small and pointless life that you don’t even enjoy. You might enjoy part of it, eating pizza, movies and such, but that’s about it. There is no fulfillment, no victory, no purpose.

Now put yourself into Bob’s situation. What would you do? Which risk would you take? Both roads are painful. Both include tears, sweat and most of all – fear. One of them will give you instant small satisfaction, like eating chocolate or not approaching and feeling good for a moment but knowing deep down inside that you failed to act. If Bob does approach and takes the so-called high road , he will get a different reward that comes in two parts. The first part is instant satisfaction just like in the first situation. You will be rewarded right away, whether it be feeling like a badass for acting despite fear. The second part is growing as a person and feeling like on the top of the world every single moment for the rest of your life!

So as you see, both situations can reward you, but only one of those rewards will last a lifetime while the other one barely even exists. It might be a bit more difficult and will require willpower to take the high road, but in the end, nobody has ever wrote a book about how thankful and happy they are for not improving their life and being mediocre. So here you go. We get what we deserve.

Pickup is definitely not the only way how you can improve your life. But it’s defenitely a great way to start your „recovery“ from the social conditioning that we have been taught to follow and which has suppressed us for so long.

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