How To Start Your Journey?

There is no fundamental key that you should know in order to start other than these two words: Just. Start. Some people spend years doing research on this topic without ever going out to try it for themselves and see, if these “laws” can hold the ground. Some go out without doing any kind of research and just freestyle it. They might know some basic keywords like “have confidence” or “be funny”, but that’s about it. Funny enough – the person who has no knowledge on this topic and just goes out, has a better chance at getting results than the guy who knows everything about it, but does not take action.


The person who is watching all types of videos about how to get girls, how to make out with them and how to fuck them, has a good chance to be scared off completely. Because let’s be honest, sometimes it actually seems like a lot of work needs to be done to achieve a level of mastery in this. Especially when you watch some high-class skill that takes years to develop. Work has the ability to scare people way from even trying. Just mentioning it makes so many people think negative thoughts. It’s like a trigger for negativity.

Someone, who does not care about the knowledge and just wants it as soon as possible, will go out relatively quick without paying much attention to tips and teachings. It’s like trying to break through a door by headbutting it. It will work eventually, but it will take time and you have to endure a tremendous amount of pain. If you don’t know how attraction works, after getting home you will be kicking walls and screaming from the top of your lungs, because the world seems unfair and women look like manipulative demons.

So how do you start? In my experience you gotta find a middle ground with everything you do. You have to balance eating with sport, not just do one thing over the other. You gotta work, but also take time to rest and take perspective on it. Same with game. I’d advise you to look up some material on it. Just fundamentals. Some guys might have really advanced way of looking at it. I recommend you to skip those sources. Keep it short and to the point. Then you will not get discouraged nor start taking too much time to think about some concept that you should not even know yet.

To help you even more, I’m going to give you these starting tips so that even without doing any research on your own, you’d still be able to get the maximum out of your every interaction and not waste time on figuring out this stuff on your own just like so many others before you and I did. You ready?

Whatever you are at the moment, whether it’s fat, ugly, broke, it is enough! When somebody calls you out on that, you will embrace it. It’s fine! You’re probably not any worse than they are. Whatever you are, it’s enough to meet girls.

Be confident in yourself. You are not by any means lower than anyone else in the venue. When you approach some girl or make new friends, know that they have probably met a dude who is a total disaster and you are, compared to him, like a fucking king with your masterful highly desired confidence.

Be funny. It’s not hard. Whatever makes you laugh. It does not matter how fucking ridiculous it sounds to others, say it. Self amusement is the key. If you feel like you don’t like her dress, say it, but in a playful way. Share your personality. Do not be fucking fake. Be real. If she likes you, then she will like you for you, not for some character that you play in order to get in her pants. Be yourself. Whether it’s cocky, arrogant, nice guy or a boss – be yourFUCKINGself.

When you’re done with your night, take 10 minutes, sit down and just think about your actions. Think about what you did extremely well. Think about what could be improved. Maybe you did not kiss the girl´. Maybe you were too much of a dick without any playfulness so it came across too aggressive. Maybe you did not fucking approach at all. Think about your night. Break it down. Pat yourself on the back for improving and giving a try. And tomorrow just fucking repeat.


Whether I’m right or wrong, I have influence.

– David Kocher


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