Million Dollar Mouthpiece


Now what? When you meet a girl in a club, a bar or just on the street, what’s the thing you have to do after saying hi? Talk. Although there are forms of nonverbal conversations that are highly effective in game, I will not touch them here. Anyway, you have to talk. Guys always have a problem with this one.

„What should I talk about?

Will she find it interesting?

Maybe this is not what a man should say when he meets a woman?

I have no topics to talk about!“

All of these are common problems in a guy’s dating world. Funny, the fix for this is quite easy. Ready for it? It does not matter what you say! For some guys who are with a technical point of view, this might be quite hard to understand. „What do you mean by it does not matter?! I can’t just say anything that comes into my mind!“ This is where you’re mistaken, my friend. You can literally say anything. Now you do need some common sence so you won’t yell only curse words for the whole conversation, but as far as topics go, it does not fucking matter. You can talk about anything. Since now we have established the fact that it’s okay to talk about anything, let’s move on to the next part. Which topics to choose? There are so many of them! Well, why don’t you pick the ones you like? Then you will be more energetic to talk about them, since you like them. Makes sense, right. The more you’re invested in the topic, the more you will make it seem like it’s relevant, important and interesting. You will show her a glimpse of your awesome world, your personality and style. The girl will also respect you for sharing things that you like and not just go for the typical „so where are you from“ type of talk. There is nothing wrong with that sentence, it’s just too damn played out. You can always use it, but it better not be the only tool in your arsenal. To sum it all up – If you’re comfortable with the topic, then she will be too.

There are also some quick tips that about where you should have long conversations and where you should keep them short and focus on the physical part. Obviously, you will not be giving the girl your entire life story on the dance floor. In the club it’s better to say obnoxious things and keep it short. Do not be the only one investing in the conversation. It’s essential to give the girl a chance to say something back. It should be mutual investment, not just one-sided like one guy talking for half an hour and the girl just nodding and pretending like she knows what you’re talking about. She is just too damn nice to make you leave. If the conversation is not mutual, she will feel like you’re trying to qualify yourself to her, because you think of yourself as lower value. In this state you don’t really care much about her interests and just want to fuck her because you don’t really have any other options.

In nightgame – when you feel like the set/your conversation is boring or is about to be boring, then just move her to another location. You can also change the subject depending on your gut feeling.

Let’s say you’ll meet a girl on a street during daygame and in your mind you’ll come up with literally nothing worth saying. It’s important to understand that pretty much anything is worth saying, if you’re passionate about it or you just find it funny. The easiest and most effective way to start a conversation in this situation is to make a remark about her appearance or activity such as waiting for the bus, smoking, looking worried or walking really fast. You’ll just have to roll with the current situation and make the best of it. She wants you to succeed, trust me. Once you’ll get the conversation ball rolling by joking around together with her and giving her positive emotions, then you can ask her some quality questions about her job, school and passions. When your idea differs from her’s, do not be afraid to disagree, but just don’t do it in an unpleasant way nor try to make her change her beliefs. In this case it’s more about quality conversation opposite to nightgame, where girls mostly just look for emotional stimulus.

It’s important to give her the chance to say something back by making assumptions and asking questions, so she will feel like she’s under the spotlight and being screened. This last point will especially show the girl that you don’t settle for anyone and you’re just giving her the chance, not the other way around. Remember – in daygame, the vibe you’re giving out needs to be positive and fun which is achieved by yourself just feeling that way.

Still feel like you have no topics to talk about? You can always look at her clothes, bag, hair, nails, and eyebrows. Look at her shoes. Compliment them, ask about their trade mark. Even better – try to guess the trade mark. Compare them to something by being positive. Ask her advice on your own style and what would suit you. Next, ask where she’s going. Let’s say she’s going to school. Say something witty about your school experience like „Oh, school almost killed me, hope you’ll do better.“ This is where my paragraph about the book „How to win friends and influence people“ really comes in handy. A good conversationalist does not just talk. He is also a good listener and asks also those questions and show interest in them that will not so much offer yourself pleasure, but seem important to her. It’s not all about you. It’s a conversation. It’s supposed to be mutual. If you genuinely show interest in the other person and ask questions about the topic she’s interested in, then it feels to her like you two just had an amazing conversation and you both learned a lot about each other even tho she did most of the talking.

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