How To Approach Strangers In A Bar, Nightclub, Street…

The guy who is able to a so called cold approach will have more initial attraction than you did meeting through a social circle. Why is that? The fact that you’re doing cold approach, which is being seen as something that’s a little bit unorthodox, you as a man will demonstrate value right off the bat. It’s slightly breaking social normalities of interaction. People don’t just expect some random dude to come up and talk to them out of the blue, so when you’ll do it, it’s instant attraction at least in some way even if you’re bad at doing it. The key in cold approach is to not be attention seeking. It’s not about being a clown that’s just trying to get some attention nor about begging the girl to date you just because you came up to her. The fact that you approached her just like that will be just demonstrating value. It does not mean the girl is bound to fuck you. Think of it as a good start, not something really game-changing. So the basic idea is to first approach a woman while being non-reaction seeking nor begging. It’s done to demonstrate value, to put yourself out there and to give the girl a shot to demonstrate her own value so you would pick her. It’s not about whether she has value or not, since most of the guys don’t care and would sleep with her either way. It’s about making the interaction look like you’re screening her for a potential partner, to look picky so the girl would feel special for you approaching her, not anyone else.


How can you come off as being a high value guy? First part is already done by approaching. The other side of it is to show her, why you did it and where does it come from – from a begging, insecure state, a reaction-seeking state or from the state of being cool. How can we be cool? By just being a strong man. Not physically, altho that cannot hurt. The woman does not see your looks, she sees your personality, your values, your energy, your mentality. That’s also a reason why so many women go for the guys that the social media lables as „ugly“. It’s not about the looks. It’s about who you are. If you’re insecure and hoping for a relationship, then with cold approach the girl will sense it. But if you’re cool, giving the girl a chance to prove herself in your eyes and having the freedom of outcome since you can just approach anyone else right after the interaction, then the girl will feel that also. In game, pickup or whatever you like to call it, it’s not about what we do. Pick-up lines, fancy gifts, trememdous compliments so the girl would find you nice – they do not fucking matter. It’s about who we are. You have value, not the words you say to her nor the gifts you buy. Women love gifts of course, but it’s the place where the gift it’s coming from that really matters – whether she gets it as leverage so she would not leave you or because you think she deserves it.

It’s about who you are.


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